Embarrassing moments - volvoman
We've all had embarrassing moments whilst driving so what are yours ?

I'll start with these:

Returning from Heathrow Airport a few weeks ago via the m25 at about 5.30 am I found myself in desperate need of a pee. Drove for miles looking for somewhere to stop. Eventually turned off at jcn 4 and soon found a dark patch of road and jumped out of the car. My carriageway seemed deserted so I didn't think to take cover and simply stood by the car and commenced. Blow me down but I was in full flow as a car with main beams on came quickly round the corner (followed by several others) illuminating me for all the world to see.

A couple of years ago one of my brothers arrived at Tesco with his car load of sreaming brats only to find all the 'cars with kids' spaces full, as usual, with cars which clearly had no child seats. Fuming, he eventually saw a guy approach his car and let rip with a torrent of abuse along the lines of 'so where the hell are your effing kids then mate, people like you make me effing sick, you $£%**??@, **&%%43*, @)*&££$ ....'.
The shell-shocked man stopped in his tracks and said timidly - 'they're in the car, I was just returning my trolley ....' Needless to say had a hole in the ground appeared my brother would have jumped into it quick smart !
Embarrassing moments - P.Mason {P}
It would be unusual if 45 years of motoring didn't unearth some embarrasing moments,-I think this thread will run and run!
I have a couple.
First, years ago when I owned an old Morris Ten I used to check out other examples that I saw parked to see if their suspension was as soggy as my car. (Push down on the boot and count the bounces..)One day I did this before realising that the driver was sitting in the car. Overcome by embarrasment I went around to the drivers door to apologise/explain. The driver, an elderly man, reacted to my tapping on the window by covering his head and face with a newspaper and ignoring me. He probably thought i was a car-bouncing thug about to beat him up.
Second, and similar to Volvoman's experience, years ago when a student in Swansea, and a member of the Swansea Motor Club,I was marshalling for the RAC Rally in the Eppynt Mountains. At about 2 in the morning I needed to answer the call of nature, and walked about 100 yards up a side track where all the marshal and spectators cars were parked. I relieved myself and rejoined the check point. Next week at the motor club meeting the club chairman took me aside and informed me that his wife had been sitting in her car two feet from me as I 'spent a penny'...
Embarrassing moments - HF
A few weeks ago, when I was still getting used to my Astra, I pulled in to a garage forecourt to buy a few things from their shop, parking at the front of a small row of cars.

Got the shopping, and returned to car. Put key in lock, but it just wouldn't turn. Tried again and again, getting increasingly panicky, scared to turn it too hard for fear of breaking lock or key. Just didn't know what to do.

Was startled to see from the corner of my eye a man appear beside me, and jumped back a bit, fearing a mugging or something. And noticed my Astra, behind the man's car that I'd just been trying to get into.

Muttering apologies, I hastily retreated to my own car and successfully opened the door.

It was then that I noticed the other car wasn't even the same colour as mine, and not exactly the same model either (well it WAS dark and the car WAS quite new to me, and the man HAD confused me by parking in front of me.)
Embarrassing moments - doug_523i
I'd fitted a new Dunlop Red Arrow (yeah that long ago) to my Suzuki GT750, and accelerated from my house in a cloud of 2-stroke smoke. I immediately did a 360 on the cold, slippy, new rear tyre and then the bike fell on top of me in the middle of the road. My audience was the chip shop full of girls from the local high school who were all watching, isn't life cruel :-)
Embarrassing moments - Dogbreath
Similar to the above...on my new flash Kawasaki 650 trailee, I drove off in front of a crowded bus stop with the lock still chained around the rear wheel. After about 3 feet I crashed to the ground...most embarassing
Embarrassing moments - Vin {P}
First time driving an auto, a hire car, drove it OK for a couple of days. Returning it to the hire place, I was belting along when a bus pulled out quite a long way ahead of me. I automatically went to change gear, the left foot equally automatically went for the clutch (AKA brake pedal) and I ended up with my nose against the windscreen, in a cloud of smoke, stopping about fifty yards before the bus (whose driver had to stop because he couldn't drive through laughing).
Embarrassing moments - volvoman
Reminds me of the time whem my late, great mate Pete and I had visited the local Honda showroom on our bikes (I had a CB250 and he had a CB750). We returned to our bikes and I pulled away in front. Pete, feeling embarrassed to be behind a smaller bike with an 'L' plate, decided to show me how it was done. To make the point he roared past me on the inside and then swerved very quickly into the centre of the road to overtake everything else and went smack into a pedestrian refuge ! The massive bike went up in the air. Luckily Pete managed to roll away unscathed but highly embarrassed in front of the crowds of Saturday shoppers. God bless you Pete !
Embarrassing moments - Clear Spot
Many moons ago I drove PSVs - the first time I drove a coach with airbrakes, I pulled up so sharply for a zebra that my sun glasses shot off and hit the front wind screen. Passengers not very amused, but fortunately understanding.
Embarrassing moments - Maz
I had stopped in the forecourt of a fast fit place and was asked to start my car.

Unfortunately I'd left it in gear and as the car lurched forward I went to stamp on the brake...except I hit the accelerator and was dragged along like the cowboy behind his horse in every Western you've ever seen.

Luckily progress was halted by a large car battery display stand, causing the kind proliferation of acid which made Timothy Leary famous.
Embarrassing moments - cockle {P}
Offered to give my, non-biking, brother-in-law a lift to the station one evening on the back of my bike. We had to stop at a busy T-junction, I saw a gap and gave it a handful of throttle and zipped across the road then realised that bike felt a bit light. Glance back over right shoulder revealed BIL standing, legs wide apart in the middle of the road with a queue of grinning motorists behind him. BIL being a non pillion rider had put his feet down when I stopped, fortunately he was about 6' 6" with long legs otherwise he might have lost more than his dignity!!

Embarrassing moments - googolplex
borrowed garage car while other one in for service. Typical, needed petrol within 150 yards. Stopped at pump. Cars queueing behind for pump. Tried to open petrol cap, no way to open it. Took man in next car to tell me it was a level next to the driver seat. Well, I'm not used these gadgets!
Embarrassing moments - Tim Allcott
BMW 3 series rental in Germany this summer (well it was that or a Ka!) Trying to fill up with fuel prior to returning. Spent AGES looking for the fuel cap release until the lady from the garage came out, and gently pushed in the door over the cap to release it.... I even tried to RTFM and I don't speak German, so that didn't help much!
Embarrassing moments - Blue {P}
Had an almost identical experience with my courtesy A-Class, I spent ages on the forecourt looking for the release lever or button. Then had to drive off in embarassment and phone the Merc dealer to ask. :)

The staff at Asda didn't know how to either...

Embarrassing moments - frostbite
On leaving under-bridge car park in my 100E van - yes, almost 100 years ago! - another motor turned into the single lane road. 'Better for me to reverse than make him back onto main road' I thought, slung it into reverse and backed into something I couldn't see through the tiny rear windows.

When I got out to have a look, there was a local motorcycle cop sitting astride the top of his petrol tank with his helmet tipped forward over his eyes.

Luckily they had a policy of not prosecuting when their own vehicles were involved in minor shunts.
(More than) Embarrassing moments - THe Growler
Ancient 1955 Holden FJ, dark night, heading north from Alice to Darwin, N. Territory. Wife and self sharing driving between us had covered nearly 700 miles since early that a.m. (well, Australia is a big place).

Felt the need, so stopped to christen handy baobab tree, eyes out for snakes, goannas and similar. Back to car peered at pile of blankets in back. No wifey? Strewth! Musta left her at Humpty Doo when I stopped for fuel. Turned round drove back 40 miles or so and so it proved. She had gone to the ladies while I was in the shop and I hadn't noticed. Well, by now she was so hungry she could have eaten a horse and chased the jockey, and by the time she's finished with me I was feeling lower than a snake's armpit, as they say out in those parts.... She even included that episode in the proceedings when she divorced me LOL.

Embarrassing moments - volvoman
Just remembered this one.
A few years ago I was on my way to see a neighbour at the top of my road. It was very dark (the road is pooly lit) and about 10.30pm. In the turning circle at the end of the cul-de-sac I saw what looked like a dumped car which had clearly been left in a hurry. Probably stolen, I thought and the thieves has escaped through the park. Doing my Neighbourhood Watch duty I went over to inspect it and sure enough the doors were open so I looked inside only to see a couple 'enjoying themselves'. Was I embarrassed ? Just a little !
Embarrassing moments - Ian (Cape Town)
remember going on a Hash run with a load of folk through Newlands forest, and happening upon a 'courting couple'...
about 60 of us ran past as they were 'inconvenienced' ...
Was also 'caught' by a security guard once - he was watching the show, when his walkie talkie went off about 6 inches from my window... My young lady friend was not impressed
Embarrassing moments - PatriciaX
I had a Talbot Samba.

Embarrassing moments - PatriciaX
haha! just joshing!

Anyways, took my well-loved Talbot Samba to the local station for a wash down. They had two glass booths with washing facilities to use so that you could do it yourself.

It was a Sunday afternoon and very busy - so that each booth had 2 or 3 cars queuing up to use it. There wasn't much else to watch but the person in front of you, as exciting as petrol stations are obviously.

So I gets in there, pops in my 3 quid, or whatever, and I starts soaping up the little'un. Im stretching and bending, over the roof and under the wheel arches when I started to feel a funny uncomfortable feeling.

My black "wooly" tights had started to move under the wasteband of my skirt! Not quite knowing what to do, having queued for the booth for over 20 mins and clearly only just having put hte money in, I carried on, jiggling around from time to time, moving the front of the car frequently to "discretely" hoik them back up.

Then came the rinsing bit - so had to move around all sides of the car. By this time, I looked like I was doing the twist but not wanting to make eye contact and draw attention to myself.

Pointless. Bit by bit, they started to roll. I was jiggling around for all i was worth but alas, the momentum had begun and down they came, right to the ankles. At this point, I noticed the voyeurs queuing behind me, most of which were crying with laughter. I threw the hose down, jumped into the car and made a quick getaway, burning from embarrassment.

Embarrassing moments - CM
Group of young girls on the pavement. Me in my Volvo 340. Thought I would impress them (!!) by over revving and reverse parking quickly. Unfortunately I did not see the low lying bollard that ruptured my fuel tank.
Embarrassing moments - Jimboman
A mate of mine went to a Mercedes dealer to test drive a nice SLK. The salesman offered to move the brand new demo car out of the rather tight parking space but my friend insisted it was no problem. He delicately extracated the car from its position in the forecourt and the impressed sales rep jumped into the passenger seat. The difficult bit over with he went to pull away, realised he hadn't fastened his seatbelt and looked down to locate the seatbelt holder. Unfortunately this meant he didn't see the metal bollard which then reshaped the entire passenger side of the car before he had even got out of the forecourt! Surprisingly the sales rep allowed him to continue the test drive and not to worry about the 'slight' incident. On their return to the dealership he asked my friend whether he liked the SLK to which he replied "Yes, but I'm not having this one because its got a dent in it"!
Embarrassing moments - FergusTheDog
I am embarrassed to say that I once owned a BMW 3 series
Embarrassing moments - No Do$h
Had a daihatsu sportrak once......
No Dosh - but then who has?
Embarrassing moments - HF
Yesterday - enough said.
Embarrassing moments - r_welfare
Bought a Mk1 Fiesta with absolutely no fuel in it, so after I'd paid the seller I was directed to the nearest garage. Pulled up on the forecourt, only to realise that the filler cap was on the other side. Tried to get reverse, and couldn't...so spent 15 minutes weaving in and out of the pumps, other cars, and puzzled onlookers while I tried in vain to get the car turned round so I could get the pump lined up to the filler...

Took me another three days to actually discover that you push down to get reverse on one of these, and spent a few embarassing moments pushing the thing backwards out of parking spaces, but the petrol station incident takes the biscuit.
Embarrassing moments - teabelly
I had the same problem with a rover 214 I had as a courtesy car recently. I had parked close to a wall so there was no way of hoiking it round in a forward gear without trying to ascend a rockery. I had to phone a friend in the end! They have some weird pull up lever on the top of the stick to allow the car to go into reverse (first time I have ever driven a car with one of those). Luckily I was on my own driveway otherwise it could have been very embarrassing!
Embarrassing moments - 007
Volvoman...re your experience at 5.30am...just a few days ago I heard on the radio about a man in a city not far from Moscow (where the temperature was minus 30c) who was in similar urgent need. He took refuge in a bus shelter and whilst relieving himself slipped and ended up with his wedding tackle frozen to a metal support! A passer-by kindly went to a nearby shop and came back with a can of warm water by which time a crowd of curious onlookers had gathered to watch his release.
Embarrassing moments - volvoman
Now that is embarrassing 007 !
Embarrassing moments - THe Growler
....I like American cars which have a little message on the dash telling you which side the filler is....

Most of my embarrassing moments seem to have been in Australia. JUst thought of another. In the days when burger joints sold real serious burgers made of burger and not the emasculated apologies of today, and when one parked one's car, and a young lady on a miniskirt roller-skated to your window to get your order, then clipped a tray on your side window. Burger King, Stirling Highway, Perth WA.

THe Bitter Half and I having a argument about something ridiculous. She starts car in fury, reverses in temper, trays on both side windows, burgers, coke, fries splattered everywhere.
Glares and stares from all corners. When I remonstrated, she reminded me that I had myself twice driven away from the drive-in movie having forgotten to remove the speaker you hang from your window....

Embarrassing moments - P.Mason {P}
Some years ago I owned a Renault 4, which i fitted with a large roof box to carry model aircraft. I visited a zoological park one day and forgot the box was there. The ticket office for the park was a wooden hut resting on four brick supports about 18" high.. The front of the hut had a large flap which was raised level with the hut roof.
As I drove towards the ticket window, the man inside started gesticulating urgently at me. I took it to mean that I should drive nearer the window, and did so until the roofbox hit the flap and pushed the hut off its supports...
Embarrassing moments - tomstickland
I had the rear tyres moved to the front and new tyres fitted on the rear.
I left the tyre fitting shop and went about 2 miles down the road, and then onto the local dual carriageway bypass. There is a great roundabout about a mile further on which I attacked "enthusiastically". Before I knew it the roundabout was moving away from me rapidly since the car had done a 180deg spin. I ended up facing an oncoming car, the driver of which didn't look too impressed.
Hmm. New tyres, release compound, not bedded in.
I'll get my coat.
Embarrassing moments - borasport20
Long ago in the Northlands (well, Norfolk actually), when Noggin was king and Nootka was his Queen, i woke up to find about 3 inches of snow had fallen, and thought 'nows the time to find somewhere to go and play' and set off for the disused airfield at Little Snoring (honest !)

1 - it wasn't disused - hence one angry pilot and one suprised driver
2 - I was belting down what hed been the main runway at which it crossed with the secondary runway. Unfortunately, the farmer had ploughed up the rest of the runway and the rubble was hidden under the snow, like a 12 inch high speed bump. Cue one Mini Clubman, all four wheels off the ground, rocking back and forth on its sills. It wouldn't budge, not even when one of the villagers tried pulling it off with his Citroen CX. I spent the rest of sunday morning watching kiddies TV in a local farmhouse, whilst waiting for the farmer to come back and tow the car off with his tractor.

I have to grow old - but I don't have to grow up
Embarrassing moments - volvoman
My youngest brother kindly reminded me of another incredibly embarrassing moment involving the car I'd just sold him - a much loved Renault 20tl. He'd just bought the car off me and was helping my wife and I move house. The car was parked on the hill behind the Luton van we'd hired for the removals and was making life a little awkward when we were trying to load the larger items. "I'll move it shall I he said." "No don't bother, it'll be alright I answered, let's just get on with this." Well we loaded up and just as I got in the cab he once again asked if he should move the car. "Don't worry" I said smugly, "I do know how to drive this thing you know." So I started the van, released the handbrake and clutch and rolled straight back into his car hitting the accelerator instead of the brake and leaving a very nice large dent in the tailgate ! Fortunately he was young, naive and very forgiving in those days. Never did get it sorted for him either !
Embarrassing moments (avoiding) - THe Growler
Referring to the original embarrassing moment which started this thread, have you not come across the "Jingle Bag"? This accoutrement is an absolute must for traffic jams on the scale of Manila or Bangkok. It costs about £3, but for such a benefit, as any of us in that situation must agree, price is of no consideration when the need arises.

Said bag is available from most good accessory stores and contains a chemical which turns the contents into a gel after use. It is claimed to be environmentally friendly when disposed off The, er, fitment on the bag is , er, suitable for both sexes.

Growlette vouches for the efficacy and value of this device, having been stuck in a jam for 2 hours (yep that's what I said) two hours waiting to get off the expressway at an a toll off-ramp where roadworks were in full swing. I have not used one myself but do have one on board since anno domini brings these matters into sharper focus as the years go by....plus of course I do carry a few tinnies on board on a long journey I have to admit...

This is not a problem for the typical Filipino male, who simply locates the nearest tree/wall/bush while leaving car with engine running.

Embarrassing moments (avoiding) - henry k
Not my embarrassment but I must admit to a slight chuckle.

A few years ago I was driving on a dual carriageway in the Gulf area with a large Merc truck in front.
I was approaching a roundabout but with a local driver overtaking in a hurry trying to beat the truck into the roundabout. Sad fellow did not make it and got nudged by the truck causing it to spin and exit left up the carriageway but backwards. Unable to keep it straight it then went through the bushes between the carriageways and in effect reversed into a surprised and innocent individual minding his own business.
By this time quite a low speed collision.

My first thought was- NEVER get involved as I would probably be blamed
My second thought was - Serve you right.
My third thought was - If there was an insurance claim by the innocent driver how would it be written up?
I was minding my own business approaching a roundabout when this other car reversed at speed through the bushes and hit my bonnet with his boot. Hmmm!!!
Embarrassing moments - Cardew
In the Army it was mandatory for anyone injured, and receiving medical treatment, to complete an accident report.

In a Regimental Officer's Mess, noted for high jinks after dinner, a subaltern wrote on his accident report:-

"I was standing on the mantelpiece in the ante-room when I was knocked off by a passing motorcycle"
Embarrassing moments - Daedalus
1973, first real bike on the road a Yamaha RD250 in Candy Blue (XFY 852 M. If anyone knows of its wherabouts Il'l buy it). Come home to find gates to drive shut, get off bike open gates, back on bike ride into garage lean bike over onto side stand. Side stand not down so bike and yours truly go over on the LH side. Trapped by bike on leg and getting burnt on ankle by exhaust. Desperate screaming brings mother out who between bouts of laughter manages to take enough weight for me to get out. I make her promise not to tell brother or sister or dad. NEVER TRUST YOUR MUM!!!!

Embarrassing moments - Wales Forester
Whilst driving a lovely (well sort of) X reg single decker bus in Cheshire I was cut up whilst negotiating a roundabout by a cheeky female in a Vectra who decided not to give way to her right. Said female then proceeds to pull into the next bus stop to drop somebody off, I'm stopping there too, shall I pull alongside and box her in? or stop right up her backside? I think to myself, I decide on the latter, stopping as close to the rear of the car as I can get.
My intending passenger boards and informs me that I've hit the Vectra?!
Cheeky female gets out of her car, I climb from the cab and find that I've managed to hitch my bus onto her towbar! Oops, didn't notice that!
Much Vauxhall bouncing later, car is set free and woman is on her way with a flea in her ear, I return red faced to my cab!

Embarrassing moments - Obsolete
PP: Probably put her off parking in a bus bay though.
Embarrassing moments - spikeyhead {p}
Where to start?

I have forgotten to replace the sump plug when doing an oil change, only lost about half a gallon of GTX.

Had a wheel fall of my old mini, after forgetting to tighten the nuts up properly.

I finally wrote the old mini off by driving it into the back of a two week old Astra GTE.

I'll have a think overnight, and see what more that I can come up with, I sure I have missed loads.
Embarrassing moments - Clanger
1978, borrowed split-screen Morris Minor. Arrived in pub car park far too quickly with full left lock on. Heard a loud metallic twang as I slithered across the gravel. Looked round the car to see what the damage was. Could see none so got on with the evening.

A day or two later, was hammering up the M621 when was overtaken by a wheel. "Some poor s**'s lost a wheel thought I". Yes, it was mine. The car made a graceful touch down on the front offside drum and I retrieved the wheel. All the nuts were still on the drum, and so was a square section of the wheel joining the 4 wheel nut holes.

PS Why does a wheel, on leaving the donor car at speed, appear to accelerate? Is is some technologically advanced warning system built into all wheels?


Embarrassing moments - Morris Ox

1993 I think it was. Had to drive a Bentley Mulsanne from one office to another on behalf of MD, who had borrowed it from dealer in Nottingham. It is HEAVEN, I tell you. I could have curled up and gone to sleep on the car mats.

Took mate to see wife in hospital, as she'd just given birth to their first born a few days earlier.

Hear a funny clonk as I'm coming out of car park.

"What on earth was that?" I ask my chum Robert, never expecting a car of this calibre to make such an agricultural noise.

"Er...I think it's the bollard you've just reversed into".

"Ah. Oh. Erm..."

A couple of months later rather a lot of money is missing from my wage slip. Robert, who works in accounts explains. £30 odd pounds of it was for the bumper bracket. The other £400 was labour...
Embarrassing moments - FergusTheDog
Late, layby, flashlight at the window.

Never date the sister of a policeman...
Embarrassing moments - dave18
Has to be when I irritably slammed the Polo into second at 35 and pushed it too horribly in order to overtake somebody dawdling on the back roads, only for the accelerator cable to snap as I was changing down, sending the revs into the stratosphere (no limiter) and to the amusement of a following college friend. Got past OK, but had to pull over with engine (dodgy oil seals) bellowing smoke from the exhaust manifold as a result of the over-revving.
Embarrassing moments - Overtaken
I was 17, driving home from my girlfriends, an 8 mile bendy, hilly, country road which I used to drive every day. It was 2 o\'clock in the morning, the road was a bit greasy, but, with my many months of driving experience I knew me and my Spitfire 1500 could cope. Down a steep hill, across a hump backed bridge, sharp left up another hill….put my foot down on the apex of the bend and it all went a bit light, 360 and a bit degrees later, facing more or less the right way, off I went again. Passed a 2CV coming down the hill in the opposite direction with a look of shock on his face, no reason why, he was never in danger.

Three months later. same journey back, same time of night (roof down this time, it was a bit warmer and I was dead cool), about a mile from home. Where my road crossed a main road, they\'d recently put a roundabout in and this was the first time it was fully \"operational\". So I had to drive round it fast a couple of times to try it out (there were no other cars around at the time) came off the roundabout up another hill on the way home. As I\'m going up it a police car\'s coming down the other way (It would only have seen the second of the two revolutions of the roundabout) in the rear view I saw it turnaround and switch his lights on and pulled me up about 10 yards from home. One of the pc\'s is looking round the car while the other leans in the car. \"You came off the roundabout a bit quick son\" (Phew, he hadn\'t seen the whole performance). He started asking about where I was coming from etcetera, when I told him he said \"ahh, we\'ve had reports of a Spitfire regularly coming from there a bit quick. Do you remember a blue 2CV?\" which I couldn\'t (honestly). He then started lecturing me about not caring what happened about me but I might kill someone else blah blah blah…\" And then I remembered the incident two months earlier…\"Oh I remember the 2 CV\" I say. \"I bet you do, I thought you\'d killed yourself\" he said.
Most embarrassing driving experience? - jonesy127 {P}
Keep it clean please, this is a family forum. ;-)

Mine was in my very early days of driving, in my first car, a Vauxhall Chevette.

Just had a cassette player fitted and was enjoying some loud music. Driving on a busy A road, I wasn’t aware there was an ambulance directly behind me . Hadn’t heard the siren, hadn’t seen the blues and twos in my rear view mirror (new drivers, eh?!).

What I did see was the guy in front signal left and slow down. I naively took this as an invite to overtake him, thus nearly broad siding the ambulance overtaking me. :-(

Dangerous I know but I’ve never not checked my mirrors or generally not been aware of my fellow road users since.
Most embarrassing driving experience? - Burnout2
Taking a wrong turn in my student banger and ending up at the Dartford toll crossing without a penny on me. Being directed by the police across about ten toll lanes, as they held up the traffic coming off the motorway, and guided me with almost sadistic slowness to the escape lane. Highly amusing to all concerned, with one exception...
Most embarrassing driving experience? - mal
Jonesy, maybe you did not find this earlier posting during a search on your topic. A search on \"embarrassing moments\" will reveal another 44 replies on the same topic.


Regards Mal.
Most embarrassing driving experience? - Dynamic Dave
Well spotted Mal.

This thread will be attached to the end of the other thread later today.
Most embarrassing driving experience? - AR-CoolC
I had an embarrassing moment a few yaers ago. I owned a VERY yellow 1973 Beetle, lots of mods including a VERY loud sterio.
One sunny day I was waiting at a T juction to turn left, on seeing a gap, darted out without realy paying any attention to the actual cars. I'm now up to speed in the line of traffic when I realise I'm driving along windows down music up between a hearse and the funeral cars. Time to pull over sharpish.
Most embarrassing driving experience? - Galaxy
Having just collected my first car, a Ford Anglia, driving it home and then attempting to back it into the space outside my house between my two neighbours cars.

I managed to back it into one of them! Put a big dent in his front grill and pushed the bonnet up. It was a hot summers day so I even had a ready-made audience, too!!!
Most embarrassing driving experience? - Nortones2
Late for work, rushed through outskirts of Brum. Just after I crossed Hagley road, had to do sharp turn on my Yamaha (only an 80cc). Ended up sliding towards an amused car driver. Luckily he waited. No injury except to pride: I hadn't observed the sub-zero temp. and ice. Later wondered how I even managed to stay upright up to the time of my demise. Ignorance is bliss.
Most embarrassing driving experience? - bernie
How about nipping to the front of a ferry queue (as instructed by sign)on my motorbike,switch off engine and kick side stand down.On leaning the bike over,suddenly find the damn thing has not gone down at all but it is now too late as the weight has gone past that point of no return.

In view of lots of people I try not to look too much of a prat and a mate helps me lift the bike back up.luckily hardly any damage to me or bike.
Most embarrassing driving experience? - slowboy
howabout going into garage ,put fuel in,pay pull away wife asks what noise was and whats that smell of parafin ,darn remember no longer go diesel car
Most embarrassing driving experience? - Rob the Bus
I was on a late shift one evening a few years ago. It was deathly quiet, and the last person had got off. So I trundle down the road happily belting out 'Sweet Transvestite' from The Rocky Horror Show at the top of my voice.

Then a rather worried 'next stop please driver' comes from behind me, making me jump out of my skin. I hadn't realised it, but someone was sat right behind me so I couldn't see them in the mirror! They got off without saying another word and I've never sung on a bus since!!
Most embarrassing driving experience? - Wales Forester
I've been there done the singing thing too!
Similar thing happened to me while I was still wet behind the ears as a bus driver.
Last passenger (or so i thought) had left the vehicle, foot down, driving a decker as if there was just me on board to get some time back, you know how it is. I pulled up 10 minutes later in Chester Bus Exchange and heard footsteps from upstairs, oops!, middle aged chap gets off and thanks me for the quick ride!
To this day I still can't make my mind up quite how sarcastic he was being.
Another one early in my career where I let rip verbally towards another motorist thinking I was alone, used many expletives, had a little chunter under my breath for a couple of minutes afterwards and then was horrified to hear someone sneeze. Frightened the life out of me.
She didn't say a word when she got off either!

Most embarrassing driving experience? - Dynamic Dave
One of my embarrassing moments was mentioned in this thread.

Most embarrassing driving experience? - Altea Ego
In reply ro Rob the Bus\'s embarrasing singing post:-

Rob what route do you drive? That is one performance i would pay to see again. (only if you put the RHS gear on tho)
Most embarrassing driving experience? - Altea Ego
In fact I noticed PP' post as well. You guys do a duet?
Most embarrassing driving experience? - Wales Forester
Well actually RF.............. ;-)
Most embarrassing driving experience? - Rob the Bus

I was on the 124 Chorley - Blackburn. Anyway, as I've said, I no longer sing on buses!

I have worn the full RHS gear, though, on stage in front of 100s of people. It was for a student fundraising thing at university and I was cajoled into playing Frank N Furter. Tell you what, those suspender belts don't half nip!


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