Problematic VW Golf 1.6SE 2002 - shoei
Does anybody know of anyone with similar faults with there golf?
The faults are: 1, Water leak from both front doors, bottom left hand corner. 2, Squeak and creaking noise from steering colum whilst on the move. 3, Rattling trim from drivers door panel and panel below headlight switch. 4, clutch pedal banging noise when released from fully depresed. 5, hesitation under acceleration between 4,000rpm and redline. 6, Low oil pressure warning light coming on for no reason. 7, Exhaust emissions light coming on and rough running of engine. Most of these faults after a few visits have been fixed and the car is in the workshop today hopfully for the last time.I would be interested if anyone else has suffered these problems.
Problematic VW Golf 1.6SE 2002 - shoei
Sorry, bottom left corner drivers side when looking from drivers side side on and same passenger side.
Problematic VW Golf 1.6SE 2002 - Dynamic Dave
Re: doors and water getting in,

Remove door trim and check the plastic splash membrane is intact and not cracked/split.
Problematic VW Golf 1.6SE 2002 - Andy G
I had a fault with the oil pressure light coming on for no reason somewhere around 10k (2000 X 1.6SE). Oil sensor was replaced to avail. Had to replace the instrument panel (combi unit) to cure. Fault Hasn't returned (Now 53k)
Problematic VW Golf 1.6SE 2002 - Marcos{P}
A bloke at work had a V6 4-Motion and it was an appalling car. The whole dashboard rattled, the steering column and brake pedal grated, the door trims worked themselves loose and vibrated badly and to top it off it it wasn't that quick for a 2.8 V6 and it looked soooo boring.
I think V.A.G. have had a bad run of build quality and so on but i'm sure they will sort themselves out.


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