Citroen CX GTi (turbo) - nick
I'm thinking of buying a Citroen CX GTi, maybe a turbo or turbo2. I'm familiar with CX's but not the GTi or turbo models. Is there anything extra I should look out for other than the usual checks? Any CX gurus out there?
I realise I must have tendancy to masochism, especially as I'm not keen on sorting electrical problems, but once you have driven one of these cars just about everything else feels agricultural.
I've had 2 before, so CX ownership must be like remarriage, the triumph of hope over experience.
Citroen CX GTi (turbo) - LHM
Hi Nick,

Don't worry about the masochism bit - go for it!

I've had three Gti Turbos, one of which is still in rude health. Buy as late a model as possible (prices still soooo low), the intercooler 'Turbo 2 series 2' being preferred. Private sellers are either fellow masochists who love their cars, or bemused people who've stumbled on one by accident and can't cope.

The engine is pretty well indestructable - the turbo doesn't stress it unduly and is pretty low-tuned anyway. Air con, if fitted, will probably be u/s - and you'd have to talk nicely to a specialist for R-12 refrigerant.

Worst point is the TRX wheels, specific to the turbo, and those 210/55VR390 tyres - expensive and only from Michelin :-). Hardly any aftermarket alloys available due to rare bolt spacing! Happily, I was able to obtain a set of Alfa 156 15" rims (41.5mm offset) shod with 205/60VR15 tyres, which are dimensionally identical and fit under the rear 'spats'.

Rust is, of course, the ever-present enemy with these cars, so check just about everywhere.

If you need further info, please contact me at

Citroen CX GTi (turbo) - M.M

Of course there is experience outside of the CCC but I would urge you to join if you have serious intention to buy one.

It will give you access to some very good cars for sale from folks who have tried (!) their best to keep up with the ever present maintenance requirements. Often their reason for sale may be purely that they are changing to another CX variant or perhaps a DS, not as with many outside the club who buy one on impulse and then sell them out of despair as the bills mount up.

The CCC magazine has a monthly column dedicated to the CX and there are some prominent members who know everything that happens to these cars.

More information and a membership application form download at...

Citroen CX GTi (turbo) - nick
Thanks for the input guys. My cheque is in the post to the CCC. Surprisingly, 'er indoors seemed quite happy about it, perhaps she misheard me.
I really fancy a turbo 2, I nearly bought one once but it needed 4 new tyres and they were £150 each back in the 80's. Wish I had got it though, I had the Arthur Daley used car lot selling it down from £3500 to £1800 and still sounding soft on the price.
I love the interiors of the earlier cars though with the cylindrical speedo and the fingertip pods for all the controls. Can't wait to get non-self-cancelling indicators again.
Citroen CX GTi (turbo) - LHM

I read in your post on my thread that you live in Lincolnshire. I'm seven miles from Stamford, so if you'd like a natter sometimes, please get in touch.

I too have noticed that GTi Turbos are getting scarcer in the Autotrader, so joining the CCC is probably a good idea. The vendors are usually obsessive about their cars, but I think some are just tarted-up heaps with the clutch on its last legs. As you're probably aware, clutch failure can be enough to write off a CX :-(

Citroen CX GTi (turbo) - nick

Thanks for that. I live in the NE of Lincs near Louth so a bit of a way but not too far.

I used to have sleepless nights worrying about clutch failure, so expensive at a dealer and no one else would touch them. Silly really because they are simple to understand, just different. IIRC the clutch is an engine out job, not too bad on the earlier cars but I would imagine a nightmare on a turbo with a/c. I had the starter ring gear go on an auto I had. I had to buy a whole torque converter as it was welded on despite the book saying it should be bolt-on. They seemed to change things depending on what was in the parts bin that day. Citroen always managed to design some things so they are almost impossible to get at, yet absolutely brilliant at others. If only Mercedes or Toyota had built the CX! It would have been a world-beater. The same goes for the Rover SD1, an excellent design but so badly built.

Citroen CX GTi (turbo) - Gerryd
Hi Nick,

I sold a Series 2 Turbo 1 car (non-intercooled) about 3 years ago to a splendid chap called James Stephens. I think he lives in North London or Watford. He recently contacted me to say it was for sale and give me first refusal if I wanted to buy it back. I'd love to but my wife might leave me!

This is what James told me:
"She's had a new alternator + water pump (both still very shiny) and the a/c has been converted to R134. Still goes like stink, was "playing" with a Merc S Class and giving it a hard time yesterday!"

When he bought it he installed the engine and gearbox from his accident damaged S2 T1, complete with newly fitted clutch. The air-con was working and you can see he has had it re-gassed. The car is in metallic blue paint, not perfect, but tidy and usable. I think he is asking less than £1000 for it. Details are:

James Stephens
01923 460234
07973 533681

Get in there before I do!

Best regards

Gerry Dennigan
Citroen CX GTi (turbo) - Dom F {P}
I had a 2.4 Pallas CX ten years ago, and I have to say it was the nicest car I ever drove. Comfort was unreal, everything electric. I'd love to have had the Gti Turbo 2 but (back in the late 80's) they were way beyond my price range.

Only problem I had with it (and it was reason I got rid) was the starter motor went. Couldn't raise the car to change it, as I couldn't start the engine. Couldn't start the engine because of the failed starter motor, etc. Couldn't get a jack underneath it either. Abandoned it where it stood.

Dom F
Citroen CX GTi (turbo) - Gerryd
Oops! Just realised you posted your message some 8 months ago so I hope you have found a CX by now!

Citroen CX GTi (turbo) - Dom F {P}
That's ok. It's from another thread about favourite cars, but it's relevant anyway.

GTi turbo 2, lovely cars. Always wanted one. Just a thought, but the CX I had was also metallic blue. Put it through a car wash the morning of my wedding back in 90, emerged other side sans paint on roof. Apparently very thin layer of metallic paint. I may have been unlucky... or they might all be like that.
Kind regards
Dom F
Citroen CX GTi (turbo) - madman
3 years ago I had a CX DTR Turbo 2 saloon, 1989. I changed it for a 1996 Range Rover and have regretted it ever since

The best car I have ever owned!

Madman - Citroen C3 HDI 16 valve.
Citroen CX GTi (turbo) - rg
Please stop this thread forthwith before it tempts the innocent into the addictive compulsive behaviour pattern known as "Big Old Citroen Ownership".


My advice? Go for it before "metal maggots" see off the last of the late models. Now if I was single and had the space, it would be on my drive by now.

(And I would have my overalls on...)


Citroen CX GTi (turbo) - undecided
No! D'ont stop this thread. It's so comforting to find that there are other serious sufferers out there.
I'm on my 5th CXturbo [2 x series 1 and three series3]. I still have to turn around and look at it when i have parked and am walking away. Sad,sad,sad.
I've tried different cures, an Audi 200 Turbo,Bx 16 valve,Jaguar XJS[still trying with that one]. Nothing works.
So what? it's still excellent fun to give the dustbin exhaust boys a surprise at the lights. And so what if you get the odd electrical problem? Get under that bonnet during these light nights, take every connection apart, clean it and grease it. NO PAIN ! NO GAIN !

Citroen CX GTi (turbo) - Littlestanjunior
Everyone may find the 'CX-L' group on useful. It is full of nutters like ourselves (I own 2 x DTR T2, GTi & Turbo 2). People are on the list everyday and is full of useful info. worth a look, we wont bite!



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