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Just noticed on the front of the site there is a quesiton about a NMR (National Mileage Regsiter) and WeBuyAnyCar telling a seller their car is effectively clocked.

HJ's answer isn't quite correct in my view on this. The NMR does not in fact usually record MOT mileages. It records keeper changes where the mileage is entered on the V5, servicing mileages from some manufacturers, some information from leasing companies, finance houses etc., results of it's own investigations and most importantly the mileages entered when a NMR check is done.

The vast majority of errors seem to come from the latter source. For example, last week I did a NMR check on an Audi which had done 155k. I accidentally entered two letters the wrong way round and it came up as a Vectra. That Vectra now has 155k recorded on the NMR check and anyone else who does a check will see it.

This sort of thing happens all the time. NMR is a useful product, but they are just a commercial organisation, an error on there does not immediately mean a car is clocked - they are not gospel on the subject. Obviously if there is a pattern (10 recorded increasing mieages then one big drop followed by more low entries) then common sense says it probably is clocked but you need to interpret the data.

NMR will usually delete one anomoly if you talk to them, particularly if from a non-verified source. WBAC in this case were just trying it on IMO and the car probably isn't clocked at all.

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I'll not mention any names -

I overheard in a pub of a guy who boasted that when he went to afriend of a friend who has a garage the other side of the country - had a "small" service on his car as thats all thats required with a modern car even after 3 years (allegedly) but apparently the relative stamped the previuous missing services in the book - so allI'd say is get proof even if the service book is stamped -

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I totally agree that NMR is not the most reliable way of checking a car's mileage. Out of 3 cars bought at a large auction with warranted mileage, 2 of them came up with a mileage discrepancy. When I contacted NMR they required a lot of proof, a copy of the service book and all old MoTs and even then they never removed the discrepancy which was obviously a mistake! All the mileages tallied but when the car was 18 months old 334,000 was entered instead of 33,400! I was surprised they even asked for evidence as I thought common sense would have prevailed! Besides the fact the other mileages tallied, how many cars cover 334,000 miles in 18 months!

If anything NMR can be a complete pain as it can make a genuine mileage car appear dubious - to be be fair if a car buyer runs a check and a 'Mileage Discrepancy' red alert comes up he or she is more likely to run a mile than assume its a data input error. It is not practical to NMR check every car you fancy at auction but out of 3 I bought in the last 5 years 2 have come up with incorrect discrepancies.


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