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please can you help me. i recently bought a 99 vectra sri with a broken key fob( battery compartment missing). so i have to open and close with the key.this makes the alarm go off everytime .i have been in touch with vauxhall and they want nearly 100.00 pounds to supply,and reprogramme fob (i also have none of the security codes that they need so another 20 for that).i have tried syncing another random fob to the car but nothing happened.can you please tell me if there is another way to either stop alarm until i can get to vauxhall or if i really need their help anyway

Vauxhall Vectra B facelift - new key? - Sean104

The problem is, not only is the key a remote control unit but also a transponder unit to operate the immobiliser. This immobiliser is the problem and is near impossible to turn off or bypass.

Or at leat that's what the independant auto locksmith that the AA recommended to me said as I was signing the £180= visa voucher (and that tells you how long ago that was)

By the time you get an auto electrician that knows enough about the systems envolved to bypass that immobiliser so that it doesn't give you any other problems in the future, it might work out cheeper to just take a deep breath and get the key made.

Sorry I can't be more positive, good luck.

Vauxhall Vectra B facelift - new key? - mickyh7
Take the key out of the ignition and put it in your pocket,close the driver's door.
Open the rear door and reach to the drivers lock button and press it down.
Close the rear door.
The car is now locked.
Next time you open the drivers door with the key, the alarm will not sound.
Its not a fix,but your neighbours will be a lot happier !
Good Luck.

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