petrol renault laguna 2 1.6 16v - electronic fault light only on cold starts - peter_pedro

Hi guys,
I am looking for some advice please.
I bought a 2001 laguna 1.6 with only 32000 miles I have it for a few months and have not had any issues up until now. (38000miles atm)
In the mornings when the temp is 0 or subzero the electroninc fault light comes on and the car revs on its own when I press the accelarator nothing happens.
If I leave the car with the EF light on for a few minutes and restart the car, light goes off all seems normal and drives fine.
It seems that once it warms up its OK and this has only happened when temp is 0 or below zero and there's some ice.
Before I put it on a garage I was looking for some advice as it could be something easy to fix and I was hoping to only service the car before MOT which is not due until may.
It may be worth to mention that at the begining of winter car was coping well with cold starts and cold temps. And the first time this happened was in one of the coldest days in the winter and the toxic light come on also and so did the EF light in the morning with same symptoms, however next day the toxic fume light went out and ever since when is really cold in the morning the EF ligh comes on and engine revs until car is warm.

On days that temp does not go low (below 0) there is no sign of the light. I would be happy if any1 could indicate areas that I could look into it.

Any help would be much appreciated, thanks.


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