Leaking mondeo. - colin20
Please does anybody have a definitive solution to water getting in to the passenger footwell? The car is 1996 Ghia estate with aircon & sunroof.The water in question is 'clean' and not tainted with anti-freeze or windscreen washer fluid. Research seems to indicate that the car does not have to be moving, only parked, in wet weather for water to find its way in.
Leaking mondeo. - BrianW
Do a search on this, it's been covered several times.
Usually reconned to be the sunroof drain, IIRC.
Leaking mondeo. - Cicero
I too had this problem and it was because the pollen filter had not been fitted correctly during servicing. This allowed rain water leakage past the seals. Refitting the filter properly solved the problem and it never occurred again.
Leaking mondeo. - kithmo
I agree with Chris H on the pollen filter, I had the same problem with my 95 model. Try fitting a Bosch one it is a better fit than the original Ford item.
Leaking mondeo. - colin20
Thank you for taking the trouble to supply an answer to my problem with the 'leaking mondeo'. I have replaced the Ford pollen filter with a Halfords own brand in the interim and the problem appears to have gone away. Thank you for your help.


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