Vauxhall Vectra C - Flywheel symptoms of failing - RicardoB
We read a lot about the weaknesses and shortcomings of dual mass flywheels, especially in diesel cars.

I've often wondered what the problems can be. I think I maybe finding out.

My Vectra 1.9cdti 150, 07 reg, has just clocked about 62,000 miles. Most of these on fast dual carriageway/motorway runs. It's been serviced to book but I have noticed a "bit of a rumble" from the clutch area when engine is ticking over and out of gear with clutch up.

I mentioned it to the dealer at its 60,000 mile service - i just said "I think there is a bit of a rumble", and they say a new flywheel is needed. Quote is about £1,200. Just wondering whether this sounds about right?

Also needed is a new inlet manifold/emissions sensor because the emissions warning light came on recently ("about £320, sir), and a clutch return spring, as the pedal creaks a bit.


But silly question as this is, what is it about these flywheels? - not just on Vauxhalls?
Vauxhall Vectra C - Flywheel symptoms of failing - Victorbox

The £1,200 should include a new clutch kit including the infamous hydraulic clutch slave cylinder ..... or it should do as so much of the cost is labour to get at the clutch/flywheel area.


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