Peugeot 307 - peugeot 307 2l hdi wont start - davyplant

my customer has brought in his 307 hdi he says he pulled up at home and stopped engine then he came out 15min later and it wouldnt start he flatend the battery trying and put car into economy mode so no windows central locking or nothing will now work ive tried toget the engine started but failed ive checked all the obvios stuff levels fuses etc so i plugged it in to my snap on computer and varios fault codes come up 1 was low pressure pump malfunction which was p1180 so iremoved the sender unit only to find that it does not have an in tank pump? another fault code was p1210 which is fuel injector pressure high also p1176 which is a cam calibration fault? also p0191 which is fuel rail pressure sensor fault so i replaced this still with no luck so i then removed the fuel filter and it had loads of paper mush in the bottom and also removed the fuel pressure regulator which seemed fine ive tryed testing the fuel rail sensor but im only getting 5v on 1 of the outside pins ? any ideas as it has my head batterd thankyou

also when i tried to cancel off faults they would not ?

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