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Zafira B - 1.8 petrol - Intermitant starting problems - Keith57

The Zafira (engine Z18 XER) has failed to start twice in the last few days and two garages I have spoken to say they will be unable to diagnose the problem unless it fails to start in their workshop. The problem has occurred once when the engine was hot and once when cold. I turned the ignition key and absolutely nothing happens. The engine doesn't turn but the dash displays are all on. On both occasions when I have tried a second time having first taken the key out and put it back in, the engine has started but died 1 or 2 seconds later. On the third occasion the engine fired and there was no problem. It has started without problem several times before, between and after the two occasions. Before the first time the rearmost courtesey light came on for no reason but this may be completely unrelated. Does anyone have any ideas please? It is 4 years old and has done 38000 miles.

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Zafira B - 1.8 petrol - Intermitant starting problems - madf

First step is to clean and remake all earths..

Zafira B - 1.8 petrol - Intermitant starting problems - Keith57

Ok. I'll have a go and if doesn't recur in the next week then hopefully that's it. Someone has also suggested to me that it may be the CIM unit, but cleaning up the earths sounds far cheaper. Thank you.


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