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golf tdi gt spec mk4 - GOLF TDI ERROR CODES PLEASE HELP - cream2cream

Question From: cream2cream <bluechipspares1@live.co.uk>


im new to the forum had my golf scanned and the scanner come up with the following error codes;

01336 data bus for comfort system sporadic - defective

01330 central control module for central convenience (j393) sxporadic no communication

ive been told need to buy a comfort control module which is located inside right hand side dash edge by the fuses, is this correct? anyone else had these error codes?

advice would b much appreciated


Tags: technical issues electrical faults starting problem ride comfort

golf tdi gt spec mk4 - GOLF TDI ERROR CODES PLEASE HELP - akgray


I dont think its much of a problem. I have had a golf PD150 for years and I sometimes get similar codes with vagcom

golf tdi gt spec mk4 - GOLF TDI ERROR CODES PLEASE HELP - Enginostics

Hi, just read you question above and thought i would reply. [advertising removed]

These code which you have mentioned are sporadic, meaning intermittent. I would reset these codes first and see if the codes come back. VAG vehicles are know to spit up various codes randomly because of the complexity of the systems. If the codes do flash up again, I would look for loose/damaged connections or the bus wiring before you begin changing parts.

Good luck.

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golf tdi gt spec mk4 - GOLF TDI ERROR CODES PLEASE HELP - injection doc
as already stated these can be quite common, they can sometimes even be caused by a scanner being plugged in. Has the car been fitted with an aftermarket radio ? or is it the original ?

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