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I have purchased recently an Audi A4 almost 4 years old (Reg. Oct.2006) While it is in good condition generally, the brightwork which I understand is Aluminium (not Chrome) has discoloured in places with what appears like a milky or while paint mark. A friend said the car may have been frequently washed in a car was and this was the cause of the problem...Can anyone suggest a remedy to restore the brightwork ? another friend said there is a special aluminium cleaner? not the one used for chrome? but I have not found this product to date. Any ideas please

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I know exactly what youre talking about. I have an 07 plate A4 which Ive had from new. My drivers door brightwork has has this milky spotty effect since new.

I pointed it out to the dealre and they just shrugged their shoulders, there were several other A4's & 6's in the car park with the same issue.

Personally I would not advise any form of aggressive cleaning, as you will only remove the coating on the aluminium. I think the only fix is replacement or ignoral. I think this problem may have been caused by the initial preparation of the car prior to delivery.

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I had this on aluminium brightwork in the 1970s. Oxidation caused by penetration of the lacquer top coat.

Complete stripdown, rebuff and relacquer job.

Don't bother...

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