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I have agreed to buy a car off a dealer which is a Category C write-off but has been repaired and has had a VIC check. The car only appears to have had a minor rear end shunt which broke the bumper and looks fine. I've shook on the deal but when I told the insurance company it is a Cat C they first said they only needed an MOT faxing to them (which I did, despite directing them to the MOT website where they could have checked it for themselves) but now they say I will need an independent engineer's report. I've looked this up and reckon it wil cost about £180, which is not economical for a £600 car. I know lots of people who own Cat C and Cat D damaged cars and they have never complained about getting insurance. Is it because they don't declare it to the insurers? If I go to another insurer and don't declare it will they pay up if there is a claim? I see nothing in the declaration which has asked me if the car is a write-off and if I hadn't performed a vehicle text check I would probably not have known. Plus, the car has a valid MOT and I can't possibly see how the damage has made it not roadworthy. Anyone with experience of this?

CAT C insurance problems - davmal

I would advise trying a different company. I had no trouble re insuring a Cat D. The VIC is only necessary to get a new log book, as far as I recall. Try LV, it worked for me.

CAT C insurance problems - TedCrilly

Some insurance companies just dont like Cat Cs, probably due to the fact its difficult to place an accurate value on them and you cant really blame them for wanting an independant assurance the repairs are sound, MOTs are not an indication of a vehicles overall condition and the MOT system itself is far from foolproof!!

At the end of the day you have to except their terms and conditions but if you are not happy the answer seems simple enough to me. Excersise your right to vote with your feet and find someone who is more comfortable about the situation and give them your business.

Never a good idea to withold info from your insurer, technicaly its fraud and if it came to the crunch they might start digging and would be within rights to withdraw cover if it could be proved you have knowingly been economical with the truth............ Besides which they will know your car is a Cat C as soon as you give them its reg and they check it out on the database.

As for not knowing its a Cat C yourself, well wasnt it good job you took time to make your own enquiries, 1000s dont and go on to get a nasty surprise when the fact does come to light.



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