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Just replaced my X reg 2001 406 power steering rack. What advice that was around made the task seem more onerous than it was! It was straight forward enough (not including removing from a sc***pie the replacement rack, which the local sc*** yard did for 40pds! )

Jack the car as high as you can and support on good axle stands at the jacking points. Centre the steering wheek (1.5 turns) Soak ball joints in WD40 and take of nuts (if they won't undue - shave with angle grinder/hacksaw and flick off, don't damage threads) the nuts need replacing anyway. Remove heat shield, fiddly but access from passenger side. Clamp rubber pressure pipes with brake pipe 'G' cramps. Remove 2 rubber brake pipe securing bolts. Take out 2 large steering rack bolts, catch spacers (after removing the rack I stuck these back with a dab of araldite to save fussing later). Remove 13mm steering rack bolt with long tommy bar with universal joint adaptor). Flick the retainer clip that holds the rack spacer bolt in and push the rack universal joint back out of the way). Disconnect the forked pressure pipe clip bolt at the rack head, use a 10mm 1/4" socket on a ratchet drive & short 40 Torx key. Slide the steering rack staright out on the passenger side under the wheel arch, it's a wiggle and jiggle job. NO NEED TO DROP THE front wishbone. Replacing is a reverse, top up fliud and bleed system by repeated turning of the wheel lock to lock.

Peugeot 406 - Replacing a steering rack - piston power

Remember some advice given will be given as your a complete novice and not much understanding, when that may not be the case and your compitent to do the job.

If your competent crack on or look at the Haynes manual for tips or specialist tools.


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