Fiat Bravo - CV Joint boot slipped off - squibsquib

My nearside CV boot has slipped off sightly. When I turn some corners I get a single knock coming from it. When I turn the wheel on full lock and drive in circles I dont get any knocking. I have been told that I need a new CV joint due to this. The boot looks in good condition apart from this. If I put CV grease in the boot and got a new clip would this stop the knock? I was wanting to try this before paying £60 for a supply/fit of a new CV joint.

Fiat Bravo - CV Joint boot slipped off - bathtub tom

The joint's probably got to come of to replace the boot, although there are 'stretchy' types available. Don't bother with the 'glue-on' types, they rarely last long.

You don't say what the age or mileage is. If someone will fit a new joint for sixty quid, that seems like a bargain to me and should last a good few years/thousands of miles.

Fiat Bravo - CV Joint boot slipped off - Peter.N.

I would agree with Tom, if its knocking at all the boot must have been off long enough to allow grit into the joint, you will have to change it eventually and it will be an MOT failure.


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