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hi folks,

I've recently bought another new car to replace my bora, (had problems with it from day one but not my money back....yet)

This car was part exchanged today in the garage down the road from me so I got it pretty cheap, at £1200 it's a 1.8 Ford Focus Ghia turbo diesel with just over 100k on the clock.

while chatting about the car I was told the previous owner had it tax under some disability thing, how do I go about changing it to standard (LGV?) a estimate of the time taken would be appreciated too, thanks :)

Ford Focus - tax classifications - Ben 10

LGV? Its not a lorry.

You'll have to tax it at a local taxation office. Take the log book V5 and they'll do the necessay. Disabled class to PLG. They will tax it for you there also. You can find your nearest office at the DVLA website or local phone book.

You cannot post off to DVLA you have to take in person.

Ford Focus - tax classifications - Ben 10

(local taxation office.) - Your local DVLA office, what I meant to say.

Ford Focus - tax classifications - Nate

Thanks for the information Ben, it's great help and yeah, I couldn't remember the actual abbreviation for what it was thanks :P

Ford Focus - tax classifications - b308

Yes you have to go there in person... take along all your stuff, including the orginial (and I mean original!) insurance certificate... if you try a computer printed copy they won't accept it... I assume its taxed under the disabled tax bracket at the moment... the post office can convert from normal tax to disabled tax brackets but not the other way round!

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