Buying an SUV for £12k?

My current manual Jaguar S-Type Diesel with under 30k miles and Jaguar History is brilliant, with 40+ mpg over the 5000 miles a year I cover, mostly over long distances. I do use the rev range through the gears to keep it clean.

A growing family and economies mean that I need to consider an single SUV to replace my car and my wife's old CRV - which has 105K miles. The family consists of two adults, two kids aged 11 and 15 and a small dog. We cover a mix of long and short journeys of 10k per annum.

What would be best for the long term as we would keep the car for some 7+ years. The budget is around £12K with the Jag in part exchange and expecting little for the V plate Honda (supermarket condition).

Asked on 28 May 2013 by Trebobster

Answered by Honest John
Try to find a good late CR-V 2.2iCTDI (NOT a 2.2iDTEC). Will be a 2009 latest as the DTEC came in for 2010.
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Roomy and versatile. Very comfortable, pleasant and relaxing to drive. not at all cumbersome. 2.2 i-CTDI diesel is excellent.

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