Jeep and nasty

I have a 2000 Jeep Cherokee (the worst car I've ever had) that I need to change before anything else goes wrong. I need a reasonably spacious car that can deal with daily 9km of rough track. I have been looking at secondhand Freelanders, Volvos, SAAB estates and a Peugeot 307SW. My mechanic says that a normal estate car would not stand up to the rough road. Many thanks for any advice!

Asked on 15 May 2010 by S.C., via e-mail

Answered by Honest John
The best thing I've ever driven on dirt roads is the Hyundai Santa Fe Mk II 2.2 diesel auto. 70mph on rocks and dirt and felt like it was on a motorway. The latest version of it should be even better.
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Relaxed motorway cruising. Comfortable ride. Excellent on very rough tracks. Available with seven seats. Good value. Much improved from 2010 with new 2.2-litre diesel.
The sound of its 4.0-litre straight six. Well equipped for the time.
Bigger than original Freelander. 2.2-litre belt cam diesel. Incredibly good off-road. Robust interior. More fuel efficient 2WD model from 2011 with no rear diff to fail.
Makes sense of the 307. Up to seven forward-facing seats. Good to drive. Decent diesels.
Comfortable. Solidly built estate with an excellent ride. Predictable handling. Superb seats and plenty of kit.
Smart-looking 4WD estate with more off-road ability than the previous XC70. Comfortable, safe and practical.

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