Seat Leon FR 2.0 - Commuting OUT of Docklands - RobJAH

I'm desperate for advice and have been unable to find a straight answer anywhere else.

I will soon be moving to Docklands to live with my girlfriend who is at University in E3. I work in North Essex and commute there by car. I have been living in E3 Bow, and the commute is roughly an hour to work in my Leon and is usually free of traffic due to all of it being on the other side of the motorway.

I recently tried a test journey and set off from work to my flat in docklands, taking the A120, M11, A12 and finally Eastferry road. Once I got past my usual turnoff at old ford A12, traffic became biblically congested and I ground to a halt. It took me at least 45 minutes to get from there to the flat. I presume this traffic is down to the blackwall tunnel.

As I have no desire to travel through the blackwall tunnell, must I be subject to such traffic jams? I have thought about turning off earlier and finding my way through mile end and down Burdett road, but would the traffic be as bad there?

My situation is unusual as I am travelling out of London when everyone is travelling in and vice versa, however the blackwall tunnell traffic seems to take affect. Am I doomed? Any advice?

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