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Hyundai Terracan - Hyundai Terracan steering - GCC

Hi all you Hyundai fans!

A friend is at her wits end with her Hyundai Terracan, bought new in 05, now done 56,000 miles. In all this time she has been battling with the local dealer and Hyundai HQ to get them to fix the steering which pulls to the left all the time. She's now asked me to help out - bit of bloke support, I think, so I thought I'd get some informed views here first.

Various mechanics and managers have driven the vehicle and there's been the odd bodge which has temporarily alleviated the problem but nothing permanent. I drove it and within 100 yds declared that if it was mine it would be dumped back with the dealer as unsafe.

The dealer's now insists that the Terracan is 'camber sensitive' and that they all pull to the left. The question is - do they? If anyone has experiences to share I'd appreciate them. My view is that modern vehicles shouldn't pull either way - steering should be neutral. The only other 4x4 I've driven - the Rangey Sport, on and off road - was certainly neutral.

Thanks in advance ......


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