02 1.8TDCI Kangarooing!! - Millsy
Hi, I am having issues with a Ford Focus 1.8TDCI 02 plate. It started off with the engine finding it hard to turn over in the cold so i had the glow plugs replaced. This seemed to fix the issue. However, ever since then (i'm not sure it is related) i noticed the car felt like it was kangarooing with a loss of power. A local diagnostic mechanic showed that the mass air flow meter had gone. This was duly replaced (Ford part) at a significant cost but the issue still remains. The computer no longer shows the error but the live data shows that the engine is running at -5c when first starting up. I presume it is this reason why the car is experincing the issues. Could it be the engine collant temperature sensor? Something simple as the fuel filter? Main dealer are asking for rather alot money just to plug it in! Answers greatly appreciated.

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02 1.8TDCI Kangarooing!! - Millsy
Anyone got any advice please?
02 1.8TDCI Kangarooing!! - WorkshopTech
I have some experience with these cars, and to be honest it would be pointless me just guessing what could be wrong. THere are numerous possibilities, these are very complex motors. You need proper diagnostics by someone who knows what they are doing, not guesswork. I suggest truing to find a local independant diesel repairer. dont go to ford main dealer, they are expensive and usually try throwing parts at faults.

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