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I have a golf, Y plate which was bought for £2K
My new insurance company (A) - which I guess I cant mention, has sent me a letter stating that when taking out insurance, I must declare any past accidents.
I have not had any accidents for 7 years.
they state I had an accident in 2008 and given the insurance company (B), the claim ref number and how much it was for.
I rang the insurance company (B) and they couldn't find any insurance under my name (which is correct, as I have never had insurance with them) they asked for the reg number, I gave it them, they said yes it was stolen recovered and the, at fault claim, was £3.5K. I said the guy before me owned the car at that time and the car was only bought for £5K in 2005. so why wasn't it wrote off? she then said oops, maybe under data protection act I have given you more info than I should have.

I rang ins co (A) and explained, they guy went off leaving me on hold for 10 minutes! came back and said, yes we made a mistake, we should never have contacted you, its fine forget the letter even came through, please shred the letter and forget about it. your premiums stay the same and we are very sorry.

so 3 things
1. cheesed with the guy I bought car from, didn't explain it was stolen / recovered
2. ins co (A) should never have written to me.
3. I should have HPI'd the car (would this bring up stolen/recov) ?
reported stolen recovered - piston power
Stolen recovered is generally new locks new ignition it may have had some slight damage kerbing etc but must have been good to repair or they would have wrote it off.

Was the insurance company you spoke to in the uk? if so with claims etc mine was in india bye eck it was hard work.!
reported stolen recovered - tiredeyes
yes Uk both companys and well known!
I told ins co (A) when I bought the car too. must have slipped under radar :-)

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