00 2.0 hdi cant get to start - dale521
hiya all my first time here i have a 406 and it started white smoking slightly then started getting worse the alternator belt snapped change that carried on driving it had injectors cleaned carried on driving the smoking started getting worse with a great big cloud of white smoke behind me parked the car up at home gone back to it now it wontt start iv checked the pump in the tank when i turn ignition on pump runs for 10-15 secs when the car is turning im nt getting no pressure up the common rail had any one any ideas cheers

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w 2.0 peugeot 406 2.0 hdi cant get to start - piston power
Have you got any water in the radiator?

White smoke usually is water or steam.
w 2.0 peugeot 406 2.0 hdi cant get to start - RichardW
Suspect the snapped aux belt has got in behind the cambelt cover and the cambelt has jumped. Possibly broken some rockers, and may be that the cam shaft has now gone so far out of time that the ECU cannot make sense of the cam and crank sensors and is not allowing the pump to build pressure. White smoke was probably unburnt diesel. Check the timing of the camshaft, and look under the rocker cover for broken rockers. Fortunately on this engine cambelt failure only usually breaks the rockers, and the head doesn't need to come off.

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