01 2.2 diaphragm and fuel pump problems - the925s
Hi there i hope someone can help

I first went into my citroen main dealer so i could have a problem fixed, erg fault and anti pollution fault, my car was going into lets say (safe mode) it would still drive but it would have hardly any power as if the turbo was not working. they told me its the speed chip sensor so they replaced it, car was fine for 3 hours then the same problem happens, i lose power again, i take it back to citroen, they say its the diaphragm, so they replace that also, so now ive paid twice already.

I went in to get the car fixed so i can px for my new car, so on the way to picking up my new car my citroen coughs and dies, no power at all, will not start, nothing. so the aa come out and i tell him about the recnt repairs, so he had a look at it, he says " citroen have fitted the diaphragm the wrong way so no fuel can get through"
so i went back into citroen and they say the fuel pump has now gone but its nothing to do with the diaphragm they just fitted.
so i spoke to 5 other garages and they all agree with the aa guy that the part was fitted wrong and has caused the further problem

does this add up? There trying to charge me another £300 for a new fuel pump now which i think was broken due to the ill fitted diaphragm not letting fuel through. Ive never been into citroen and had my problem fixed, they think they have fixed one problem but just create another and then dont have the gutts to own up to it,

I hope someone can help or give me some advise on what to do, thanks for reading


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