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00 1.8 High idle speed and over revving - CharlyCroker
Ok, Ill give as much information as I can. Ive had the car about 8 months, trouble free. In this recent snowy spell, I was sat waiting for my kid at school with the engine running. It didnt overheat or anything, just idling normally as you do. Upon driving home, the throttle seemed to stick open between gear changes. It was only idle power, not accelerating power if you know what I mean. Ive checked the cable which is free and smooth running. Ive had it diagnosticly checked and no fault codes are standing. Checked for air leaks, none found.. After a little research, i found a common problem to be the Idle Air Control Valve, which I replaced.. it made little difference if any. So i looked at the Throttle Position Sensor.. Ive replaced it, and its made no difference. Heres the twist, when I unplug the Throttle Position Sensor, the car runs fine and drives how it should, although the tickover is sometimes a little lumpy. Obvioulsy the TPS is there for a reason, so driving without it is probably not a great idea.. Has anyone got any ideas as to what it could be or had this problem with thier focus? Also, what are the likely consequences of driving with the TPS disconnected?

Cheers for any help.
00 1.8 High idle speed and over revving - CharlyCroker
anyone? its petrol by the way.. another update, it also runs fine if I run with the Air Flow thingy disconnected.

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