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Cost effective small automatic - paul2007

in the near future and hopefully no more than a few months, my daughter may want to buy a small automatic car as she has recently passed her test on a auto.

She is not sure what car she learnt to drive in or took her test in other than it was a small car and a automatic - lol.

my question is, what would be a good small auto to drive locally that is relatively cheap to run, insure, relaible and safe and max spend about 4/5k plus insurance.

the new micra is used by many driving schools - and appears to have a commanding driving position - so i'm assuming this meets our criteria. Anyothers/

thanks in advance!

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cost effective Small automatic - WorkshopTech
Something smal and jap or korean should fit the bill. Kai/Hyundai use mitsubishi autoboxes. Avoids anything with a CVT.
cost effective Small automatic - paul2007
Cheers WT

i'd feel that the korean cars poss not as safe.

I've never been sure which car is a cvt but i'm of the opinion they are usually smaller cars - will google cvt and small cars - cheers!
cost effective Small automatic - Jcoventry
The Korean cars sold in Europe/UK go through the same Euro NCAP safety tests as all other cars sold here.
cost effective Small automatic - paul2007
read the aa
and will compare cars that fall into our crteria on the ncap site.
cost effective Small automatic - Muggy
Based on my own experience, I'd have to suggest an old shape Suzuki Swift ( if you can find one; there are lots around but very few for sale ).

Simple, reliable, economic ( 50+mpg in my case ), easy to drive and it's pre-electronics as well.
cost effective Small automatic - perro
>>> I'd have to suggest an old shape Suzuki Swift <<<

Funnily enough I was thinking along the same lines comrade Muggy :)

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