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AutoAid Breakdown Insurance - smilleynially
Hi Back Roomers,

I'm looking to purchase breakdown cover/insurance for the first time in a while as I haven't included it to my car insurance policy this year.

I only do 8,000 miles a year in a well maintained 7 year old Ford Mondeo Petrol.

Auto Aid seem to offer a great price for breakdown insurance, where you claim back the cost of calling out recovery/assistance.

Do any of you knowledgeable Back Roomers have any real world experience with them, or can you recommend another good value service.

Looking forward to your replies.

Many Thanks.....
AutoAid Breakdown Insurance - BobbyG
Can't offer any real world experience as have never had to call them out.

However were with them for a year for wife's Beetle, and then when my Altea finished its 2 year Seat recovery membership, I also tried to take an Autoaid policy out only to discover the existing policy actually covered husband and wife in different cars for the same price!

So on that basis , I would recommend them.

AutoAid Breakdown Insurance - Bill Payer
I bought cover for my daughter, also, as it happens when SEAT Assist ran out (although when her car was new SEAT Assist lasted for 5 yrs).

I would have preferred that it covered the car, rather than the person - if it happend to break down while I was driving it I'd be stuck, for example, but the husband/wife cover, which is standard, would be fine for most people.

You may know that there's a huge thread about it on forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.html?p=439...3 - consensus seems to be that it works OK. I have seen comments that they are more biased towards recovery than roadside repair - if it's not something blindingly obvious then they'll just recover the car. I guess that rather depends on the skill / interest of the person who turns up.
AutoAid Breakdown Insurance - nick
I've been with them for years and called them a couple of times when out in old classics. They send a local recovery firm who are also used by many other breakdown firms judging by the stickers on the trucks. They were with me within 30 mins both times, no obvious fix so recovered me home. Paid the bill, sent Autoaid a claim form which was simple to fill in and got the money back within a week. I'd highly recommend them.
AutoAid Breakdown Insurance - TrevL
Used Auto Aid for many years, fortunately have not called on them for the past few years but I have had the need for recovery and home start and the service was excellent. I have recommended to others and they have had good service too.
AutoAid Breakdown Insurance - Galaxy
I don't use AutoAid myself. However, I have read BR threads in the past about breakdown and recovery companies and the AutoAid organisation are always very highly regarded by those who have used their services.
AutoAid Breakdown Insurance - MGspannerman
I have used them and am happy to recommend them. I did need to call them out and everything was handled appropriately. MGs
AutoAid Breakdown Insurance - smilleynially
Many thanks for your replies guys, very informative. Bill Payer, yep saw the recommendations from Money Saving Expert but wanted to know if the Back Roomers had any real world experience as for some reason I trust your opinions! :-)

I've gone ahead with them, £37 for a years cover. Fingers crossed I won't ever need them!

Many thanks once again.

AutoAid Breakdown Insurance - daveyjp
We'll be signing up to them next week when our Toyota cover expires.
AutoAid Breakdown Insurance - Doc
One advantage with Autoaid (and GEM) is that you can use any breakdown outfit of your choice. So if you breakdown outside a garage that does recovery, you can instruct them instead of waiting for a truck to be sent from H.O.

I think the price is unbeatable.

AutoAid Breakdown Insurance - gramar

I too can recommend Auto Aid. Been with them for over two years and called them out (for the first time) last summer when I had a front wheel bearing seize solid on me 65 miles from home. I was recovered at a cost of £264 - paid up front. I made a claim form out and was paid back in full within a week. Why anyone would belong to any other service beats me.

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