01 2.0 Tyres Burst Due to cold weather - Braveheart2009

In Scotland just now its about -6/-7 degrees. Today I went out to drop wifey off at work and came back 6 hours later to car went off and then discovered a flat tyre. I am completely baffeled how my tyre burst. I feel possibly science and nature play to this as I found no cracks, bulges, or nails, screws in the tyre? When inspecting it the only way I could describe it was like a crushed up cardboard box 1 part of the tyre the rest was okay. I have had burst tyres before but today site was shocking especially when you don't know how it was caused. My question is it possibly a tyre can burst due to severe weather conditions?

I forgot to mention I did put air in tyres 2 weeks ago at correct psi of 30.


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