99 2.0 small knocking noise - gvmllr
hi all this is a strange one,i have a vauxhall vectra(B)sri 2.0l..the car has been running excellent since i bought it a few weeks ago. i got into the car tonight,bearing in mind all the snow we have got. driving down the road and i can hear a small knocking noise coming from the dashboard. earlier when i went out in it i put the traction control on because of the bad snow we have got. just wondering if anybody has any ideas. its not a loud noise,you can just about hear it. all ideas will be appreciated.thanks.
99 2.0 small knocking noise - gvmllr
is there any ideas..please help.
99 2.0 small knocking noise - elekie&a/c doctor
Is the noise there when stationary and/or moving.You say you turned the traction control on,it is on all the time.Operating the switch to bring the t/c light on meane you have turned the t/c off.The noise may be the abs system cutting in.
99 2.0 small knocking noise - gvmllr
i noticed that the noise was on when i was stationary with the engine running,im just wondering weather i should have touched the traction control button at all.
99 2.0 small knocking noise - gvmllr
just an update,i got into the car this morning,turned the key. car wouldnt start. when i turn the key all im getting is like a continous drilling noise. is it possible that the starter motor could have frozen in this terrible weather we have got. i dont want to try to srtart it just incase the battery dies out on me. ive tried it a few times but like i said all im getting when i turn the ignition on is a drilling noise(continuous). any suggestions are welcome.
99 2.0 small knocking noise - dieselnut
Do you get this noise only when you turn the key to the start position.
If so, sounds like the starter solenoid is chattering due to a low battery.
Can you connect to a trickle battery charger for a few hours or overnight.