what's it worth ? - motorprop
Would appreciate some opinions on the expected sale value of a minor company asset, that's hardly been used over the past 12 months ;

1996 Nissan Patrol LWB GX 4.2 Petrol Auto ( 6 cyl ) , fitted with a working LPG conversion. The number plate is - apparently - worth a grand and will be included.

This car has been owned by us since 1998 and the mileage of 98000 is warranted. The MOT expires in Jan but i'll expect to stick one on to help matters.

The car has full leather, metallic gunmetal paint, A/C and starts on the button. Exterior is tatty, with scratches and bumper dings , plus carpets in boot are shot. Passenger window doesn't work, driver's door only opens from inside ( key doesn't turn barrel )

With all the swings of the market , down last year, up this year, scrappage, have no idea what it's worth.
what's it worth ? - sajid
try and check out auto trader for a car of similar spec and age and see what its selling for, the guide prices for cars its just a guide and the real indication is what the vehicle is selling for at site like autrader,ebay

what's it worth ? - b308
Think some of the car sale sites also offer a valuation - try googling "car value"...

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what's it worth ? - Lou_O

www.webuyanycar.com will give you a price for it online, you can use that as your base price.