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'05 on Passat steering column faults - WorkshopTech
I've only recently discovered Honestjohn and been reading the car by car section, which is very impressive and accurate.
Just something to add regards the PAssat (2005 on model). We are seeing vast numbers of these with failure of the electronic steering lock/immobiliser on cars just out of warranty (those in warranty get taken to the dealer). They become difficult to start and finally the lock wont deactivate. The snag is that the ECU is built into the column and thief-proofed, so it means a new column with ECU and new convenience ECU!! We are talking about £1000 job here and we (i.e. independents) cant do it - we have to take the cars to the dealer. So this has the makings of another ESP/ABS fiasco. My mole at out local VW agent tells me that basically they are ALL failing sooner or later - so if you have one of these cars, or are thinking of buying one then beware!
I have no idea what the fault is (i.e. what component is failing) so would be very interested if anyone has more info. I think VW dealers been told to keep quiet about this.
'05 on Passat steering column faults - cheddar
Surely must be the same part on same other VAG cars, A4/A5/A6, Octavia ?
'05 on Passat steering column faults - theterranaut
WT- its good to have someone around here again giving us the inside scoop on what he's hearing and seeing. Keep it up!

'05 on Passat steering column faults - MM34

Is anyone aware of a recall in America for electronic steering wheel fault with a deadline of Feb'13 for Passats between 2006-10? Don't these steering wheels come off the same production line before they're shipped off to different countries including America and the UK. My passat 57 plate has a fault and won't start. Flashing amber steering wheel warning light comes on. It's due to be looked at tomorrow at a VW dealer and it is out of warranty. If the amercians don't have to pay a cent then why should we brits pay a penny? If anyone can shed any light on this then let me know

'05 on Passat steering column faults - db42
I have a 06 2.0 passat with 70k on the clock and I have the same problem. I wrote a letter to VW as I was so annoyed with this. They called me and after a lenghty discussion they told me that they couldnt comment on a different country ie the passats that were recalled in usa and canada and that there might be an option for a gesture of good will or some money off the price of getting it fixed. My local dealer in northern Ireland quoted me £550 crazy money for this issue andway the giy in vw uk intervened on my behalf with my local vw dealer and he said that they were not giving any money off the repair or gesture of goodwill as there was no customer loyalty with that dealer. I even told him that I was in the process of buying a vw Tiguan for my wife which made little to no difference. hench since then I have changed my mind and will probably change manufacturer! As I explained ot the rep in vw uk my loyalty is with vw not a particular dealer so that was the end of it.

As I have a business premises in the south of Ireland I decided to go into vw ireland and they quoted me €360 to repair this issue!!!?

Aparently it is 2 little boxes that have to be fitted so I will be going into vw Ireland in the next week and hopefully get this resolved...I think its ridiculous that us folk have to fork out money for a manufacturer defect..I dont mind paying for something that needs replaced through wear and tear but not this issue but it has to get fixed but vw have just lost a valuable customer

'05 on Passat steering column faults - andyos

"I decided to go into vw ireland and they quoted me €360 to repair this issue"

Was that through some garage in the South of Ireland?

I have the same issue with a 2009 VW Passat.


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