96 1.9 ABS sensor front - theram70
im in the process of replacing the front abs sensor, i have managed to get old 1 out but it broke in the process. can any 1 tell me if the metal housing tube comes out? its made of stainless steel. is there any special way the new 1 goes back in again please thanks.
96 1.9 ABS sensor front - elekie&a/c doctor
The abs sensors on these have a plastic body,inside which there is a magnetic ferrite core and copper windings.I would guess that the plastic body has broken and is stuck inside the hub.The only way to get these out is by carefull drilling or use a mini blow-lamp to burn them out.Very time consuming.It is essential that the hole is properly prepared to accept the new sensor otherwise the alignment will be wrong.Do not force it into the hole.hth