What winter or all-season tyres should I put on my electric car?

I live in an area of Wales where we can get quite a lot of snow and ice in the winter. I have previously had 4x4s and fitted winter tyres but now have a Kia e-Niro with its original spec Michelins. I'm planning on fitting winter tyres soon but wonder if there is anything I need to be aware of in choosing for an electric car. Is there a specific winter tyre that you would recommend? I'm also wondering whether the Michelin Cross Climates may be as good as fitting specific winter tyres. Your advice would be much appreciated.

Asked on 27 October 2020 by Richard Menmuir

Answered by Georgia Petrie
Michelin Cross Climates+ and other all-season tyres are a good middle ground for those who usually change between summer and winter tyres anyway. It saves the hassle and cost of getting them changed, as well as storing the alternate set for half of the year. There's nothing really worth considering in terms of buying tyres for an EV, though you could look at tyres that'll offer decent fuel economy. Here are the tyres I'd look at if I were you:

Goodyear Vector 4Seasons Gen-2 are good in wet, dry and snowy weather. They're also quiet on the move. Continental AllSeasonContact are another great all-rounder for all-season performance, and they're good on fuel. But they aren't as quiet or refined as rivals. Goodyear UltraGrip 8 Performance are also great snow tyres.

The Falken Euro All Season AS200 are good in the snow and they're quiet tyres, but not as good as rivals in wet weather. They're also not great on fuel economy. Michelin Cross Climate+ are good in dry and wet weather but aren't quite so good in the snow. But the Michelins aren't too pricey and there are lots of sizes available - which is a big plus.
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