My winter tyres have cracked after 15,000 miles, is this normal?

I replaced all the tyres on my Toyota Verso in 2019 with Michelin Cross Climates, now after 15,000 miles cracking has appeared on the front two. Is this normal and if so what would you recommend as replacements?

Asked on 12 February 2024 by winelover

Answered by David Ross
We would expect a tyre to last more than 15,000 miles without cracking, however it is worth bearing in mind that these tyres will be five years old this year. 3,000 miles a year is a particularly low mileage, which would suggest that the car has been parked up for long periods of time, which in some respects can be more damaging to tyres than regular use. Extremes of temperature and UV damage can age tyres prematurely, which may have contributed to these tyres become damaged so soon.

If you want to use a winter tyre in the colder months, you may wish to consider purchasing a set of cheaper steel wheels and fitting winter tyres to those, and having a set of summer tyres on your original wheels. This way your unused set can be safely stored away from heat and light, which will ensure you get the best wear out of them.
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