aux socket? - BobbyG
Hi, my dad has a 57 Reg Picasso 1.6hdi desire.

Does anyone know if the radio has any form of ipod/mp3/aux socket? Thinking of maybe getting him an ipod and USB turntable (on offer from Lidl this Thursday) but not sure if his car has any connections?
If not could go down the FM modulator thingy but easier with a cable!
aux socket? - andyp
My 55 reg Picasso didn't have any of these things, and AFAIK they are still fitting the same type of radio to new ones now.
aux socket? - Steve Pearce
The Xsara Picasso never had a Aux socket but it's not that hard to fit one. The head unit has the capability to control a CD changer and if you Google for Connects2 you will find that they produce adapters that plug into the CD changer interface tha allow an iPod or other MP3 player to be connected.
aux socket? - I'm a Pane
I know citroens have good suspension but using a turntable in one might be a little too much :-)
aux socket? - TheOilBurner
Do a search for Pug / Citroen USB BOX. It allows full control of an iPod via the stereo. Depending on what model stereo you have, it should work. It's quite pricey, but does the job well.