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I've recently made a claim for the theft of my car. It was recovered but written off. Prior to that I had 8 years no claims but I assume from the point of insurance companies this is 6 years? ie. the maximum 65%. So if I've made 1 claim would 2 years get deducted off so its 4 years ncb I have to state when getting quotes? I also made a no fault claim from a third party insurer (declared) so this does't affect my ncb.
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I don't think there is any hard and fast rule on this.

Various insurance companies may view your claims history differently.

Just be sure to declare the history accurately when you get quotes.

What you need is a good broker.

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Policy on NCB should be with your schedule of insurance - all ins cos have their own rules.

I am on 75%, 1 claim and it falls to 73%.
Insurance no claims - Focus_Driver
Thanks. It is so confusing, why can't they all just follow one standard model.
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...why can't they all just follow one standard model...

All competing for what we are told is loss-making business.

Whatever, the fact there are different approaches is probably going to help you get a lower premium.

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Because we like, nay demand, variety and choice!
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Just had a call from my broker who tell me that my usual insurer - Corinth - is no longer in the business due to significant losses. The best they could quote me was almost double last years price. I went to M&S who did it for almost same price as last year. And that was after one claim in an otherwise claim-free 20 year history (but 3 points last year!)