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02 1.4 Airbag and SERV light - s999srk
Hiya, hoping someone can help with fault on the clio.

I'm suffering from the airbag and SERV light that alot of other people are.

Took the car into the local garage and its says Fault code 180, Front side sensor circuit passenger short circuit.

I had a look under the seat at the wires and gave the connections a clean up before i took it in but light stayed on.

The mechanic said he traced the wires under the seats and disconnected at all connections and they came up with differant fault codes so its prob not those.

If it helps i just cured the leaking sunroof problem a few days before. Could it have anything to do with that maybe. Next step is an auto electrician and however many hours labour they want to charge for.

Any help would be appreciated.


02 1.4 Clio airbag sensor - s999srk
Evening all,

I hope someone can help, the airbag light has appeared on my girlfriends clio, i have taken it to the local garage and they say the light will not reset and its coming up with a fault code B1036, passenger side airbag sensor short circuit.

The car has a passenger dashboard air bag and one in the side of the seat, would anyone know where the sensor is?

I think that the problem may have been caused by the leaking sunroof issue and that the sensor may have gotten wet, i have since fixed the leaky sunroof.

Please can someone help

Many thanks
02 1.4 Clio airbag sensor - Altea Ego
check the wires under the seat - there is a plug that comes apart or makes loose contact.
02 1.4 Clio airbag sensor - s999srk
Hiya, thanks for your reply, i have checked the wires, the big black one with a red clip wont come apart but i have pushed connection together to make sure it is in place but still doesnt help

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