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Hi, I need some advice. I had an accident two months ago where a motorhome went down the side my car as I was stationary and caused light damage to rear quarter panel, bumper and door.

I had a witness so no problems there. I have had the car assesed by my insurance and was valued at £1750. The repair work will be around £1290. They said it would probably be written off and I could buy it back for £280.

But as I'm going through their insurance, I wondered does any know from experience what they will do with the sums as £1290 is less than paying me £1750 surely?

I would prefer the money and have the car back as it's only light damage which I can live with. I've yet to have an offer or anything. Apparently the third party insurance haven't been able to contact the policy holder and he has until the 16th to do so or they will take care with it without him.

Advice please???

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Edited the above to make it more readable. Welcome by the way.
insurance claim - the hunter
thanks,my writing not to brilliant lol ,must be a cornish thing of mine
insurance claim - rtj70
I hope you get the response you want.

Rob (one of the moderators)
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£1290 + £280 + your insurer's administrative expenses = £1750.
insurance claim - the hunter
so i should get a pay out rather than they repair it you think?
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I don't understand that - it seems to mean that TH should pay his insurer's expenses.
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Advice please??? >>

See if any of the information (on claiming from a 3rd party direct) at the following thread is of use to you:

Hope that helps.

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I don't see a problem with what you have written. You didn't say they offered you the lower (repair) figure. What I would expect is them to offer you the "current value" higher figure and if you want the old car back, then deduct what they say it is worth as salvage.

Remember it will become a "write off" on HPI so selling later could be a problem.
insurance claim - the hunter
my insurance agent said that the car is worth 1750 after it was assesed.and had a qoute for 1290 for the repair work.he said it be touch and go whether there write it of or repair.just wondered really if anyone new what percentage of the vehicle value to the repair upto?
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Ah right, I misread what you were meaning.

You would prefer for them to write it off, get the cash and buy it back.

In that case, push for a hire car while yours would be repaired - that should bump the price up a bit.

The car I currently drive was written off 6 years ago where the repairs would have been around half of the actual value - so it seems to be a bit random as to which way they go.
insurance claim - the hunter
yea i would prefer them to write it off buy it back and make myself bit money as only light damage still drives fine but just dented and scratched.o really it does seem bit odd why they do it.probelm im having is other insurance company cant get relply of person who hit me but he goot till monday to do so then there start contact me.bearing in mind this happened middle september and ive yet to hear from his insurance at all
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See if any of the information (on claiming from a 3rd party direct) at the
following thread is of use to you:

Eye-opening stuff. I think we should all have that thread bookmarked for reference.
Your inputs are much appreciated, jbif.
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.just wondered really if anyone new what percentage of the vehicle value to the repair up to?

>>>>> Doesnt work like that it more depends on what throughput the assigned bodyshop has for a particular week/availability of parts/hire car charges etc,basically its a lottery.
Ive seen cars repaired that cost more than the current write off value and still been rejected by the customer after a prolonged battle ,years in some cases