98 1.7 Petrol in Diesel Engine - moffat

I have a vauxhall astra 1.7TD LS - 1998 reg. The fuel level was just above the red as in just before the light comes on. I then went to the local fuel station and topped up with ?20 of what I thought of was but it cut out about 10 mins down the road after. It smells like petrol in the fuel tank.. What should i do. People have suggested topping it up diesel to the top and then try start it. Any sugggestions?

P.S. I tried to siphon it out but that hasn't worked

98 1.7 Petrol in Diesel Engine - piston power
Drain tank and fuel lines ideally to prevent damage to fuel pump petrol has no lube and damages the seals.

I have heard folk say brim tank with diesel and run it on older cars so you might get away with it, drain it is the way id go.
98 1.7 Petrol in Diesel Engine - Peter.N.
If its got mechanical fuel injection you should get away with just filling it up with diesel.
98 1.7 Petrol in Diesel Engine - gordonbennet
I'd syphon it too before refilling with correct fuel, blowing the fuel lines out and changing the filter for good measure, and chuck in a treble dose of Millers otherwise known as snake oil to the unbeliever.

You won't syphon through the neck on a Vx, if you lift the back seat, prise out the plastic cover underneath you'll find the sender unit nestling atop the tank.
If you look carefully you'll find it should have a locking ring fitted by pressing and turning clockwise to lock the unit in place, if you put a strong screwdriver (should be a chisel/drift but i'm only a truckie) against one of the slots in the ring and give it a clout anti clock it will release.

You'll find it's difficult to get the O ring seated when you reassemble but wipe a bit of spit or similar on the ring before trying and it'll be OK.