Poor car key design. - Brentus
Having driven the Honda CRV now for 6 months. I find the key is a bit annoying at times. The reason i bring this to discussion is:- Previousley for a number of years i have owned VW group cars in particular a Passat & an Octavia. Both of these cars came with in my mind a infinately superior key system transponder or whatever the correct name is. The reason i say this is because the keys on the VW group cars folded in onthemselfs into the transponder holding. The Honda key does not just like many other manufacturers. What you get is quite a large key poking about in your pocket, its not as easy to carry. Should you open a door or tailgate when you have something else in your other hand, you can easily scratch the vehicle. The VW group cars i owned definately had a more superior key system why aren't all cars made with keys like this. Does anyone know of other manufacturers who make keys like the VW group. Saying that Daughter has an Ibiza and that doesnt fold in. But them keys that fold in are defo better.

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Car Keys - Badwolf
I'd tend to agree. SWMBO has a Grande Punto with a foldy-inny key, though the spare key is just a common or garden fixed-blade key. Trouble is, I tend to play with the release button which probably doesn't do it much good!
Car Keys - Old Navy
My Focus came with a folding and a standard key.
Car Keys - daveyjp
The few I've used:


I agree it's a sensible approach.

Car Keys - Pugugly
Honda CRV has two old fashioned keys and I agree a bit behind in that respect.
Car Keys - Brentus
Pug if you have opened the car with the button then proceed to open the tailgate and you have something in your other hand your fiddling about and you have to be very careful not to scratch the tailgate.
Car Keys - Pugugly
I agree - most cars I've had recently have had a key activated boot release which is useful, and certainly an omission on the CRV.
Car Keys - Brentus
Daveyjp:- No doubt about it i can't believe all manufacturers dont make them this way. I don't think its rocket science.
Car Keys - Pugugly
Mazda do it as well (folding key thing)
Car Keys - Brentus
so we now have 6 manufactures who make keys that fold.
Car Keys - Pugugly
Well the whole of VAG use them including the most humble Skoda.
Car Keys - rtj70
When I got my first VW in 1999 it had folding keys (still have one because the car was stolen!). But lower spec models did not. The Mondeo I had didn't have folding keys which was a bit of a pain (I think they do now) and the Mazda6 has one too, as PU says.
Car Keys - Alby Back
Do cheap cars still have "keys" then ? Sniff....

Car Keys - mike hannon
Good grief, it's April the first already.
Car Keys - Pica
My 8th Gen Accord 2 keys are folders just like the VAG's
Car Keys - Dynamic Dave
so we now have 6 manufactures who make keys that fold.

7, if you include Vauxhall.
Car Keys - Old Navy
8, if you include KIA. EDIT:- 9, with Hyundai.

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Car Keys - Alanovich
My last FIAT had a flippy-outy-foldy-inny too.
Car Keys - Altea Ego
Seat Gives you both. They are too tight to give you two remote keys.
Car Keys - Glaikit Wee Scunner {P}
Hyundai Getz does not have a folding key or a remote unlocker fob (SWMBO had to pay for an aftermarket system). My late Hyundai Coupe did not have a folding key either.
Maybe they have got the message with the newer models.
Car Keys - Old Navy
The Ceed / i30 have folding keys.
Car Keys - Dutchie
My honda Jazz not folding .Daughters fiat panda folding key.:)
Car Keys - Brentus
So it appears quite a few of the mainstream manufacturers do the folding Key like the brilliant VAG's. I think we all agree the folding one is far superior. So such a basic requirement why don't they all do it.
Car Keys - Pica
When I picked up my Accord I was told to look after the flick keys as they were £180 each to replace!
Car Keys - Brentus
This Key is too long. Hope locks don't freeze up it won't go in.
Car Keys - Jcoventry
With my Ford Ka I got two keys, a master key and a remote key. Both boring looking and not folding. Ford is too tight to give you two remote keys!

Master key looks like this:

Remote one looks like this:

The new Ka is based on the Fiat 500, so it has the even uglier and longer Fiat style key!
Car Keys - Pugugly
Hope locks don't freeze up it won't go in.

At least you get two remotes with the Honda so that won't be a problem.
Car Keys - ifithelps
....Ford is too tight to give you two remote keys!...

Two folding remote keys supplied with the CC3.
Car Keys - Jcoventry
Two folding remote keys supplied with the CC3.

There's a reason for this. Thinking about it logically, who in the UK has ever bought a Ford Focus Coupé Cabriolet? I've only ever seen one - and it was in a car park. All the rest are laying in various Ford dealerships and in some field in another country somewhere, probably. I see plenty of other cabriolets driving around, never the Focus one though!
Car Keys - ifithelps
...who in the UK has ever bought a Ford Focus Coupé Cabriolet?...

Er, I have.

Pleased with it, too.

First car I've ever had that literally turns heads.

There are a few around - you tend to notice them when you're driving one yourself.

Don't see many Astra TwinTops or VW Eos, either.

I imagine they all sell in similar low volumes.

Car Keys - Wee Willie Winkie
My Alfa Romeo 156 has a folding key. And it still works. Ha.
Car Keys - Brentus
I only got one. I never carry the spare with me its at home locked away. If im at work a long way from home and i cant get this key in, suppose Honda assistance would help, They did when the petrol flap wouldn't open just call em out eh.