05 2.0 brake problems - MorrisOx
Not posted for long, long while, but infuriating problem with what would appear to be the brakes on my very late 55 plate (i.e., 06 model year) Mondeo TDCi hatch leaves me hoping someone in the backroom might have an answer.

The car goes to my local spannerman for servicing and had new rear pads back in May. Brakes started squealing shortly afterwards and garage agreed to replace them FOC as they 'had a bad batch'. The noise didn't go away and the pads have been replaced a further three times (all FOC) in an attempt to cure. The noise still didn't go, so the rear discs were replaced (at cost). Fair dinkum - when I saw the ones taken off, they had lost their shine on the outer edge of the disc, so pads could have been scraping against an uneven, abrasive surface. But the noise STILL didn't go with the new brakes...

As I write the car is back there, they've taken the rear brake assembly apart and cleaned it. Doesn't appear to be anything wrong anywhere - no evidence that pads aren't retracting, they say.

Before I go back to collect has anyone got any additional advice on what it might be? It's a high frequency squeal, usually happens when you brake, but can sometimes also be heard when you are simply driving along. I didn't think it would be a bearing as all the bearing noise I've heard in the past has been low frequency rumble, and this happens most often when you brake.

I'm lost for what to do next...
05 2.0 brake problems - kithmo
Have they replaced the anti-squeal shims as fitted to later rear pads from sept 04.
Might be worth trying some Ford OEM pads.
05 2.0 brake problems - MorrisOx
It's back and looks like it may be the handbrake failing to fully release. We'll see, but top marks to the garage - a day's labour and no charge.
05 2.0 brake problems - MorrisOx
Well, here we go again...it still squeals when it brakes, it still squeals/chirrups occasionally when I'm driving along.

A month on, and the brake problem still hasn't gone.

Last Friday, I took the car to another local garage, which replaced the rear pads (a generic, non-Ford pattern component) with some Ferodo pads at a cost of £71. The guy showesd me the old pads, which were clearly not worn consistently across the whole of the pad. His line was that cheap pads looked likely the only obvious cause.

It was fine for the first couple of days, but slowly but surely the squeal came back when I was braking. Then I notice occasional very faint squealing when I was driving along, now the occasional squealing/chirruping is louder.

So, in the past seven months it has had FIVE new sets of rear brake pads, and a replacement set of discs. And no sign whatsoever that the problem is solved. I'm so demoralised that if I had the money I'd trade the car in tomorrow.

Please, has anybody out there got any ideas what it might be or where I could go to find out and get it sorted?
05 2.0 brake problems - Collos25
I had exactly the same problem on a x type (same system)changed everything eventually sold the car what a load of crap.
05 2.0 brake problems - Altea Ego
Have you tried taking it into a ford dealer to have geniuine Ford pads (and anti squeel shims if appropriate) fitted?
05 2.0 brake problems - piston power
Just a thought is the stub axle bent distorted does it run true?
05 2.0 brake problems - dieselnut
I had a similar problem with a Citroen C5.
The rear calipers were alluminum & bolted to steel suspension arms.
Water between the two different metals caused electrolytic action which was powerfull enough to twist the caliper in relation to the suspension arm.
This put the caliper out of line with the disc & resulted in uneven wear to the pads.
It also caused the disc to just catch the body of the caliper causing the odd squeel as you describe.
Simples remedy was to remove the calipers & thoroughly clean up the mounting face.
Coat the cleaned face with copaslip & bolt back up.
Problem cured.
05 2.0 brake problems - kithmo
I had a problem with my first Mk3 Mondeo when I first changed the rear pads in that they started sticking occasionally (although not squealing). I took the pads out and thoroughly cleaned out the flats and grooves where the pads seat in the caliper and put a slight smear of Coppaslip on these areas and had no further problems.
There may be some burr or some corrosion in the grooves that are holding on the the pads. The alternative is a sticking piston in the caliper although this is unlikely to happen to both calipers at the same time.
05 2.0 brake problems - MorrisOx
Thanks for the replies so far. What bothers me is that all the obvious components have been replaced more than once and the problem keeps coming back.

I can't find any references to a technical service bulletin on this problem, but something tells me that it must be a known problem. The two garages I've been to have looked at the various assemblies, cleaned all the various assemblies, told me there's nothing obviously wrong, and then replaced pads and discs, even lubricated the handbrake.

And still the squealing comes back!!!!

I'm going to ring Ford tomorrow, but I get a depressing feeling that in an age where the first rule of business is 'admit nothing', they will simply tell me to take it to a dealer...who'll look at it and then replace the pads.

Someone somewhere must know what causes this kind of problem - just who do I turn to??