05 1.6 Loss of power - cybergen
Where to start - I've owned the car for nearly two years, it is the 110bhp quicksilver version. Right from the very start the engine management light would come on and I would get - anti pollution fault - on the display, this would come and go intermitantly, the car was running totally fine whether the fault was showing or not. Eventually I got it checked, the fault code was cleared off the ecu and the fault didn't return for several months, when eventually it returned, the car was running as well as it always has, and the fault would show itself once every few weeks and then disappear again.
Now to my problem - about six weeks ago the car started to hold back occasionally ( lack of power and not going into the turbo ) This happened every couple of days to start with and then over the course of the next few weeks it gradually became more frequent doing it most days at some time. Fifty percent of the time by letting my foot of the throttle and putting it back on the car would go through the problem and go properly. The last week it has been totally flat and not gone into the turbo once ( good fun when you live at the top of a big hill on a busy road )
I had a diagnostic done this morning, and when I picked the car up the garage told me they had reset the ecu to clear fault codes, but were unable to tell me what codes had been present due to a problem with their diagnostic equipment ( great ) they didn't charge me though ( not that I would have payed ) .
Sorry about the length of this novel .
I then had it diagnosed by someone else, and this has shown up two faults pending -

P2408 - IDM input circuit malfunction, ignition coil control circuit high voltage.
P1351 - Fuel cap sensor switch circuit
Could anyone tell me whether either of these two could be the source of my problem and what they mean please.
05 1.6 Loss of power - andrewuwe
My wife calls this problem "lumpy petrol" because that's how it feels. We got a new battery and that sorted it for a year then it got worse and it turned out to be a new coil job. Quite expensive I think.
05 1.6 Loss of power - cybergen
Thanks for the suggestion, but I should have made it clear the car is a diesel.
The first fault code that I posted seems to refer to a petrol engine, and as I know that the same fault code can mean different things on various models, this is my vin number if it will help anyone to advise me on what the problem is. - VF33C9HZC########, the engine number starts with - JB310######.
05 1.6 Loss of power - andrewuwe
I think you have the codes swapped? On a diesel it'll refer to the preheat relay I'd bet.
Sorry, I should have read your post better.
05 1.6 Loss of power - cybergen
Yes I did have the codes mixed up lol, and have just found out as you said that the one code - 1351- is the preheating relay circuit. I don't think that this is related to the problem I am experiencing, as the car starts at the turn of the key everytime.
05 1.6 Loss of power - cybergen
Could I bypass the particulate filter briefly with a bit of flexible pipe to establish whether it is causing the problem, and also do the same with the cat ? Is this a viable option for elimination purposes.
05 1.6 Loss of power - andrewuwe
I would get hold of a volt meter and check that the glow plugs are being turned off and on correctly. Once sure move on to other stuff.
05 1.6 Loss of power - HyundaiOwnersClubAdmin
Bad glow plugs cause non regeneration of the PEF filter.
05 1.6 Loss of power - cybergen
Weather permitting, I will check them tomorrow [ Oh I wish I had a garage ].
I noticed that oil is leaking out of one of the pipes going into the intercooler, also there is oil underneath the unit the intercooler pipes originate from, I don't know what this component is called, it has four large concertina hoses coming off it. The two hoses at the front go into the intercooler, the left handside rear hose goes out of sight to the rear left hand side of engine, to the inlet manifold I presume. The right handside rear hose goes onto a plastic pipe, which runs along the front of the engine and into the turbo, upon removing the part I saw that the inside is covered in wet oil, along with the hoses, the right handside rear and left handside front [as viewed from the front ] were particularly oily. The plastic pipe going into the turbo has a lower chamber, which I presume is to catch oil. So does that mean a certain amount of oil is supposed to go through there or not. The component [ I wish I knew what it's called ] has four different electrical connections, one for a butterfly valve, one for a sensor, I don't know what the other two are. Am I correct in thinking that as the part is very oily inside, this could be affecting one or more of these internal parts. The oil as far as I can tell seems to be coming out of the upper engine breather, the pipe which connects to this and the air filter also connects to the turbo, dead in line with the impeller, the plastic pipe joins the turbo above this. There is a small amount of oil inside the casing leading to the impeller, nothing like the amount of oil in the other pipes and the part they connect to. I am not familiar with diesel turbos, so please excuse the way I have described this .

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05 1.6 Loss of power - cybergen
Can anyone tell me where I can get a manual for my peugeot 2005 307 1.6 110 hdi quicksilver, haynes 307 manual doesn't cover my model, the workshop manuals I have found online aren't specific enough in their description to see if they cover my model, any help would be greatly appreciated
05 1.6 Loss of power - HyundaiOwnersClubAdmin
Its time to have this checked out by a dealer.
05 1.6 Loss of power - jakey
hi there, if your referring to the black unit that sits on the near side of the engine this would be your throttle body or air doser as its called on the peugeot diag equipment, if there is oil inside of this pipe there is something wrong, i think if you follow the hard plastic pipe that bolts straight onto the top of the turbo, 1x10mm bolt if i remember correctly and remove this you will find there is a green neoprene o ring that will be split causing the oil to by pass the turbo into this pipe, replace this and clean the throttle body of any oil or contaminants, you may also find that you require a top up of eolys, this is your fuel additive or your particulate filter may require a regeneration burn or replacement, either way it can be done by a peugeot dealership, let me know if this is any help, if not tell me some more info on your symptoms etc and i may be able to assist as i work for peugeot cheers
05 1.6 Loss of power - Welshlad34

My peugeot 307 sw ripper 2002 loses power in second and i got to release the peddke and the put it back down and it goes again what could the problem be

05 1.6 Loss of power - Izzat Quazi

Hi Welshlad34, I am having the exact same problem with my 2003 307 XT manual gear box petrol engine. I am suffering from Loss of power in 2nd. Car starts fine and drives normally otherwise. I live in a hilly area in Ecuador, South America and this loss of power is terrible having to drive in 1st gear all the time. I hope you have sorted ourt your problem. I would appreciate any suggestions on how you fixed this?



05 1.6 Loss of power - Gibbo_Wirral

What size engine?

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05 1.6 Loss of power - Izzat Quazi
Hi there. Its a 2.0 L petrol engine
136 HP. EW10J4/EW10A
I recently had the timing belt and water pump replaced. Could it be the stored petrol in tank? The car was in my garage for over 3 months. I did not have any cash to pay the mechanic.
Also I am guessing the cat since irs smelling petrol but only when engine is hot. Thanks for ur suggestions.


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