99 1.3 Heater issue - richad3009
1.3 Endura T reg, the car had no heat in the cabin, I removed the usual electronic valve took it apart turned the shaft whilst blowing through it until air flowed freely.
I refitted the valve and left the plug disconnected.
The strange thing is I only get warm air as i rev the engine, the temperature is directly proportional to the revs, if i let the car idle it goes cool.

Any ideas???
99 1.3 Heater issue - jc2
Sounds like thermostat-five minute job on Endura engine.
99 1.3 Heater issue - richad3009
what does the stat do exactly, control flow to the heater matrix, why does reving the engine give me heat.
99 1.3 Heater issue - piston power
The stat holds back the coolant till at temp say 82 deg then the wax element melts and opens the stat and coolant flows through the system, revving it the pump will spin faster pushing the coolant around the system just like if driven faster.

Replace the stat and back flush the heater matrix to get rid of any crud in heater elements, thats connect a hose pipe to heater hoses and force water through.
99 1.3 Heater issue - jc2
Should be 88 deg. c on this car(92 for Scandinavia and other cold climates-Uk can be fitted with either).

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