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06 1.3 Multijet Diesel Misfire fault - sonnydave
Has anybody experienced a cold-start misfire problem with their Panda? When the engine reaches temperature the misfire disappears but it makes for an uncomfortably jerky drive for the first couple of miles.
My car began to misfire on cold-start back in February and has been back to the dealer three times to sort the problem. Glow plugs were replaced, and when that failed to eradicate the problem, the car went back for a 'software upgrade'. This has also failed to sort the problem and I am now in dispute with the dealer and Fiat because under the terms of the third year 'dealer' warranty, I have to pay for diagnostics. I am now expected to pay (est £165) just for them to attempt to identify the cause of the problem, with no guarantee that they will find and rectify the cause.
Any advice on possible causes of a cold-start misfire would be greatly appreciated.
06 1.3 Multijet Diesel Misfire fault - Peter.N.
Sounds as though you could have low compression on one cylinder, valve clearances?
06 1.3 Multijet Diesel Misfire fault - oilrag
Hydraulic tappets
06 1.3 Multijet Diesel Misfire fault - oilrag
What`s it`s service history, mileage and current engine oil? (re hydraulic tappets) Has it ever been run on `bio` or been mis-fueled and did the dealer find any codes?

It`s not one of the engines that needed the head gasket job doing from new is it? Just wondering if it`s not got compression (enough) when cold running on one cylinder due to that?

I think the glowplugs are a red herring, ours fires straight up in summer without waiting at all.

(I`m not a tech, just a guy at home working on cars, but I have the same engine in a van, hence the interest)

Hope it`s sorted soon.

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06 1.3 Multijet Diesel Misfire fault - MikeTorque
A number of possible causes, some already mentioned above.

Did they check the Glow Plugs are actually working ? Just changing them if there is a fault elsewhere won't help. Check the battery is putting out enough charge to heat them and the plugs are actually heating up to operating temperature.

Check if there is a small air leak somewhere along the fuel lines. When a car has been standing for a while fuel can trickle out and air can get into the fuel channels and cause the type of problem you're encounting.

Fuel filter may need changing.

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06 1.3 Multijet Diesel Misfire fault - oilrag
It`s likely (mine is) a self priming Bosch pump that purges all of the air from the system when the key is turned to `ignition`
If you change the filter it will purge it of air if you just wait with the key in the above position, although I did it in a couple of 15 second bursts.

That said, I changed the filter on mine at 25, 000 and it looked like new inside and not a drop of water.
There`s a procedure I worked out to change the filter safely (cleanliness) also you have not got to touch the element. It`s an expensive element from Fiat, but the aftermarket filters look poor in comparison. Pop a Halfords filter out of the box and then look at the one Fiat sell.

I also have a Genden code reader that works on a Punto van with the same engine, the basic model with no internal battery. It was under £50 and I keep it in the car.

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06 1.3 Multijet Diesel Misfire fault - sonnydave
At the time the fault first manifested the mileage was approximately 27,000. I've had the car from new and it was serviced by the supplying main dealer at the proper service intervals. I have had intermediate oil changes at 6,000, 18,000 and 31,000 miles, these being at Nationwide Autocentres. I've never run the car on biofuel. It was, embarrassingly, misfuelled at about 3,000 miles, but the engine wasn't started up as the mistake was noticed while the refuelling was being done. (Cost almost £200 - expensive error).
Regarding the diagnostic codes, the first time this indicated the glowplugs weren't working. They replaced them and it made a limited and very short term improvement. I have no idea if any codes were found the second time, but apparently FIAT recommended a software upgrade, which made no discernable difference. Because of work commitments and distance from dealer (15 miles) continuously taking the car back was not possible - no courtesy car - so I had to live with the problem for a few weeks until I had an opportunity to take it back for the third time.
Relevant or not, over the last five to six weeks I have also detected a slight but clear knock, which seems to be top-end. This is only evident when the engine is cold, and under load, ie accelerating. As the car nears normal temperature this noise completely disappears. I reported this at the time I took the car back but the dealer claimed not to be able to hear it. All in all, worrying and frustrating.
Thanks to all who have responded - any ideas are gratefully received.
06 1.3 Multijet Diesel Misfire fault - oilrag
Have you tried the fiatforum? There are Fiat techs that are members.

You could also contact Fiat customer services.

06 1.3 Multijet Diesel Misfire fault - oilrag
Also (with respect) you should push the problem back at the dealer more firmly, insisting on a courtesy car and not letting time slide by. Otherwise it`s going to end up as your problem and not theirs.

Sorry about that ;-)
06 1.3 Multijet Diesel Misfire fault - sonnydave
I took my complaint to FIAT Customer Services last week, who are 'Looking into the matter' although they have told me that as the car is in the 3rd year 'dealer warranty' FIAT don't pay for the diagnostics - which is why the dealer has quoted me £165 just to do further investigative work.
So far as the courtesy car is concerned, they require advance booking in excess of two weeks, which wasn't an option the last time I was able to take the car in to them. If I can get some resolution from FIAT I may be able to have a courtesy car when the Panda goes back to be investigated again.
06 1.3 Multijet Diesel Misfire fault - daveyjp
Push them on the courtesy car. Our Aygo needed a new water pump and was told we may struggle to get a courtesy car as they were booked out.

A bit of pushing and a hire car was sorted - this also shortened by some the time we were waiting for the car to be fixed. We were quoted about 4 weeks as the part was on back order, in the end it took a week.
06 1.3 Multijet Diesel Misfire fault - pandafatmat


I dont think my car misfires when cold but my got is it jumpy! for the first few miles the car jolts and hops all over the place when changing gear or even throttle. clears up after that for the rest of the day.

Anyone else have this problem?

oh and another thing, does anyone get a fizzing noise from behind the instruments when your car is hot, especially running hot air from the passenger air vents? Mine suffers badly with this but my dealer couldnt hear, fix or give a f*** about it. Mines 58 plate, 36,000 miles.


06 1.3 Multijet Diesel Misfire fault - PropellorHead

Had same problem with Panda Multijet.

Problem was that water dripped throught a screwhole below grille between bonnet and windscreen onto engine electrics. (ecu or maf?))

Fixed by removing screw and sealing with silicon sealant., then replacing screw.

2 years on, have not had problem.

If problem happens after rainy night ./ or dew , this is a likely reason.


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