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[1] what is the forums view on the effectiveness or otherwise of steering wheel based security devices, e.g. Stoplock.

Are they proven as deterrant
Are they proven to actually be thief proof
Are there any particularly good/bad ones - hows about the Stoplock Ultima?

Something really quick and easy to put on/off is essential of course, if it is a complete pain, it will be too frustating and won't get used.

[2] After market electronic devices such as immobilisers? anythin especially good? Trackers are OK, but only useful if the car is stolen, I would prefer to prevent the initial theft with the right devices.

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Read up on Thatcham ratings for such things.
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I've an old Land Rover, one of the few cars you can still steal without a key. I use a Disklok, which is Thatcham approved, as old Landies tend to walk if the owner makes it too easy.

I know it's not unbeatable, but as it covers the wheel completely it prevents the simplest way of beating steering wheel locks which is to cut the wheel rim.

The big size is a pain to store though, as well as being relatively expensive.
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We had a Stop Lock steering wheel device and we lent it to our son. We never got it back in one piece. He broke it. Actually I think it just broke.

And where it broke/snapped means it was never that strong. We did buy this full steering wheel cover in about 2002. And it was broken quite a while back - I still have it in the garage.

PS Only car I ever had stolen - they took the keys from the house...

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Guygamps please dont think i was trying to put your car down in the other thread as i wasnt.
I really want you to enjoy it,my point was cars like this are seen by people and one of them will have a go at aving it,seriously, so you need to put them off with a nice large shiny disc on the steering wheel rim,i reckon without something like this i could pinch your car within 5 minutes neatly with no broken glass etc,remember they pinch stuff like this while you nip into the supermarket not when you are in bed (thats when the radios used to go),an immobilisor is also good but be aware the damage is done and they still try to bump things off and dont care if they hit things on the way
(Ive picked enough stolen cars up in my life to know you have to discourage these people as much as you can)

Really hope that helps and if its thatcham approved you should get an insurance quote lower
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Thanks BB - I am sure your post helps. People think that with chip and pin their money is safe too but give me a card for 30 seconds and I can later get money from it. Obviously I won't but my point is nothing is as safe as it should be!