01 1.8 petrol - snapped cambelt - laurajose
Hi all
I have a 2001 ford focus 1.8 zetec, 82k miles, and im pretty sure my cambelt snapped yesterday. it just died without warning. can you tell my if its an interference or non interference engine

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01 1.8 petrol - snapped cambelt - Dr Dave
Most definitely an interference engine - the repair will probably outweigh the value of the car.
01 1.8 petrol - snapped cambelt - laurajose
Thats what i thought but to be honest have no idea what the problem is it just lost all power. when we tried to start it hard to explain but you can hear something spinning very fast. does that make sense
01 1.8 petrol - snapped cambelt - Peter D
Well spinning very fast could be the valves are bent and you no compression. Just remove the cam belt cover and take a look, or stick it is first gear and push it, if it moves relatively easily and with no jerks then it's going to be expensive. Regards Peter
01 1.8 petrol - snapped cambelt - Galaxy
The cambelt on this engine doesn't usually snap!

However, if there is a cambelt-related problem with your car it's more likely to be connected with the cambelt tensioner or pulley wheels, which it's well known can break up and cause problems. It's still as serious and expensive, I'm afraid, and will need further investigation.

01 1.8 petrol - snapped cambelt - Wurzel83
In the Haynes Manual Pg 22 Ch1A, it says the belt should be replaced every 75K miles. Do you know whether this was done? Was the tensioner also replaced? If it has been done then in theory it means the cam belt is a less likely candidate.
01 1.8 petrol - snapped cambelt - Galaxy
The Ford recommendation for cambelt change on this engine (a Blacktop Zetec) is 10 years or 100,000 miles, whichever comes first. However, much depends on how the car is used and if it's used for lots of stop-start short journeys then various authorities do suggest the period should be considerably reduced.

01 1.8 petrol - snapped cambelt - bell boy
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