96. 2.0 Automatic problems - dru-x
Pls help!I Just notice this problem 3 days ago,early in morning when i allowed the engine to run for some mins after i got the engine started,engaging the car into reverse the car just went off,tried and moved the from car from d parking lot and when i got into a hold up,with the gear on the drive position the vehicle vibrates seriously,easily discribed as-the vehicle wants to fly and when on road the changing system works just ok,i still expirence this with my car.pls any body with an advice?.
Pls,pls i need help thanks to u all.
96. 2.0 Automatic problems - piston power
Can you try to explain this a little better?

It set off driving as soon as you put in reverse? were the engine revs high?

This vibration check engine mounts, when was it last serviced?
96. 2.0 Automatic problems - dru-x
Yes,the engine turns off completely,either in reverse or in the drive position,
and for the vibration,it stops immediately its on N or P position.
i serviced about 3wks ago.Engine monts are ok.thanks.