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I put the reg no. of the C3 on retention last week prior to changing the car.
DVLA were, as usual, very efficient and the new tax disc and paperwork arrived yesterday. The old number was given back, I had kept the 54 plates and they were fitted and the tax disc changed. i rsng the insurers in he late morning and changed the reg on the policy with them.
Tonight, I thought I'd better check and to my surprise, the 54 plate shows uninsured and the old one shows still valid.
I don't need to use the car tomorrow but Erin Dors will need it am Monday. I have no certificate yet. Do I risk an ANPR pull or just carry all the docs appertaining to the transfer and hope for the best ? I'll be on the phone pronto Monday's a bit slack of them when I asked specifically if it would be on Askmid later on Friday !

Anyway, went shopping today and bought a Black Nissan Note 1600 Auto for madame.
Hope she likes polishing !

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I believe it can take up to 7 days for changes to appear on the MiB database, however if in the meantime you are shown insured on the cars other registration mark you should be ok, as it will be easy for the police to check it out. I would also carry the insurance documents with you as an added failsafe
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The car will have a "shadow" record on its other registration on PNC - Changes to MID usually take hours rather than days.
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When I asked my insurance company why my car was not on the MID after 48 Hours, I was told it can take up to seven days. It took five days.

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You are perfectly legal so nothing to worry about.
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>>>You are perfectly legal so nothing to worry about.<<<<

Once upon a time you had to be in posession of the certificate (or cover note) - not in the post or promised by phone - to be strictly legal. Have things changed now, in the age where you can print your own certicficates?

If they have made an input error and there is no certificate I would guess the police could seize and ultimately crush?

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Just come back on line after PC problems...sorted very speedily by the excellent Doctor Rattle...even though it was a bank holiday.....thanks again !

I know the car is legal, still not on the database tonight, but you could just come across the bobby who's having a bad day and doesn't believe you, as so many have done.
The car is going next week but in the meantime, all the paperwork will be in the car...including the insurers phone number.
Mrs Ted will be driving it, anyway, but it's me that will have to fork out the £105 if it gets a tug.