Tyre speed ratings - Auristocrat
Our 2007 Mazda 2 has just had its two year service, and the front tyres are down to the legal minimum. Mileage currently 10,700.
Pirelli P Zero Nero 195/45 R16 V are the original fitment. The rears still have 7mm of tread.
BlackCircles have the Yokohama S Drive at £ 58 fitted for each tyre - whereas the Pirelli's are around £ 80.
However the speed rating on the Yokohamas is W.
Would there be any problems having the W rated Yokohamas on the front whilst keeping the V rated Pirellis on the rear??
The Mazda dealer was able to get the Pirellis for £ 82 (plus the usual additional costs) and would have fitted them to the front.
Tyre speed ratings - MikeTorque
etyres do the Pirelli P Zero Nero for £78.10 . If you fit a different make and type of tyre you'll get different characteristics between the front and rear axle. If you fit the same make and type of tyre to front and rear axles the characteristics will be the same all round. The speed rating of a tyre, V or W, are well within the Mazda 2 speed rating, the tyre load rating needs to satisfy Mazda's recommendation.

Also ensure you fit the most grippy tyres to the rear axle wheel, this helps prevent the rear end coming round if loss of traction occurs, for example on a wet road of a roundabout.

If you're happy with the Pirelli P Zero then stick with them.
Tyre speed ratings - daveyjp
I wasn't happy with P Zero Nero tyres, but at least I managed almost 19,000 out of a pair on my A3 - at 3mm the handling was getting interesting, I dread to think what it would be like at 1.6mm.

10,000 from them on a small Mazda is shocking - I'd be considering a different brand completely - one with a higher wear rating than the Pirellis.

If the rears have 7mm I wouldn't worry about new ones on the rear as new ones only have about 8mm of tread.
Tyre speed ratings - dxp55
For reasons beyond our control SWMBO had to have two new tyres on her M2 and I had Vredestein Sportrac 3 fitted for £125 pair --195/45/16 - Excellent tyres.
Tyre speed ratings - gordonbennet
If the car came originally with V rated and thats recommended, you will be fine going up in speed rating to W, presumably the load index is at least the same.

The problem comes if you try to fit lower speed rated rated say H or S, though not technically illegal, i wouldn't want my insurance man shaking his head silently as he walks away from my pranged motor on lower than they should be speed rated tyres.
Tyre speed ratings - Auristocrat
Just had the Yokohama S Drives fitted to the Mazda 2.
Had wheel alignment checked using laser equipment - and the wheel alignment was way out.
When I asked the fitter whether this could have been caused by hitting potholes, his reply was 'no way'. He said the mis-alignment was so great that it must have been like that when it came out of the factory.
Hence new tyres being needed at 10,700 miles.
Chatting to the manager of the fitting centre afterwards, he said new tyres just don't last like they used to. He has the latest model Mondeo 2 litre diesel - that trashed the front tyres within 8000 miles from new.