07 1.8 Ford 6000 CD/Radio-AM Reception - Singlish
When I purchased this car2 years ago the AM reception on the radio was reasonable, I listen to FM 95% of the time. In the last week I have noticed the Reception on AM has deterioted so badly that I cannot listen to Radio 5 Live with the engine running, and hardly listen when the car is parked. The station is very weak and there appears to be lots of static.

My previous Focus (Secondhand) suffered the same problem, but I lived with it!

Has anyone any ideas?

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07 1.8 FORD 6000 CD/RADIO-AM RECEPTION - Collos25
Could be the lead has dropped out or the aerial amplifier is us either way you are going to have to remove the radio to find out.
07 1.8 FORD 6000 CD/RADIO-AM RECEPTION - jc2
I improved my AM reception by cleaning up the thread on the aerial(the external part);Loctite had been used,presumably to make it thief-proof.There had been no problems with FM,just AM.You need to clean both male and female thread.
07 1.8 FORD 6000 CD/RADIO-AM RECEPTION - MikeTorque
There is a known issue that causes this problem. If neither of the above suggestions fixes it then Ford will be able to tell you what the problem is and fix it under warranty. Both our Focus's had this problem, the radio/dash had to come out and a component was replaced, done under warranty.
07 1.8 FORD 6000 CD/RADIO-AM RECEPTION - Singlish
Thanks Mike, I shall contact my Ford dealer, my and your experience makes me wonder how many Focii are suffering with the same problem. I will let you know the result!


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07 1.8 FORD 6000 CD/RADIO-AM RECEPTION - Singlish
Problem fixed under warranty! the poor AM reception was caused by bad earthing, dealer cleaned up various earthing points, I understand the earthing point one that gave the most problem was behind the radio in the dash.

07 1.8 FORD 6000 CD/RADIO-AM RECEPTION - 360
The 6000 CD seems to be very unreliable (car 07 focus). I have the MW interference AND also trouble with the radio turning on and off. The voice control feature does not work at all. Car was in for a service, so I told the main dealer the problem. Car returned with stereo still not working. £290 for third service including brake fluid change.

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07 1.8 FORD 6000 CD/RADIO-AM RECEPTION - IMPredator
I have the same problem in my Focus 08 I can listen to FM no problem but MW has interference on it worse when engine is running.
After reading this site I booked my Focus into the local Ford dealer and after sitting there for 2 hours they came back and said there is NO fault? I then asked if they had bothered to turn the radio on as they would hear the problem?instead of plugging it into a computer?..They told me we?ll we have found no fault BUT we do live in an area where MW is hard to pick up????? I then went on to explain my Father & Father-in-Law have Ford Focus 08 and 58we all live within 1 mile of each other and there?s works fine? They did not have any answer for me?????..Ford Dealer?s what do they know??I am not happy thinking of asking to speak to a Manager?.